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  1. THANK YOU Mathijs Kok. Does anyone already got the textures?
  2. YES Tom A320. This one. i have install FSX - Acceleration Pack on my machine. Which answer do you think i can put for this question. Thank you.
  3. Thanks to reply Tom A320. SO MY PROBLEM WITH FSDG FORUM REGISTRATION IS ABOUT THE LAST QUESTION. "Confirmation of Registration". i don't know the answer for this question. Please help if you know the answer.Thank you.
  4. Yes you're right. But to be able to ask the FSDG forum. I should be registered. But i have some problem to register.
  5. Hi everybody. Can someone tell me how to obtain the FMEE Real Runway colour. Please.
  6. Hello. I'm new on the forum. So i would like to know how to download the textures for Twin Otter Loganair (flybe G-BVVK).
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