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  1. Yeah, i already have all that set up, X Plane is enabled in Accessibility.
  2. I found it, looks like its true, I have only 1 GB of VRAM... well thats a problem But I don't get it, other Flight Factor aircraft that i own like the 767,757 and 777 also need 2GB of VRAM and they work fine...
  3. Well i have 8 GB of RAM, so this cannot be a problem.
  4. Greetings I am having some very big problems when trying to activate the FF A320 for the first time, Upon loading the aircraft for the very first time, I noticed that the aircraft finished loading, then cockpit appears for a short period of time, the screen goes black and X Plane 11 Crashes to Desktop, this has happened almost 30 times in 24 hours, I have not been able to even turn the GPU on so i can activate the aircraft on the MCDU, there are sometimes that the aircraft does load, but the EFB does not work at all! And when i press the EFB power button, X Plane crashes to desktop
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