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  1. Hi All, Just checking in to see if this is on the "to do" list for an upcoming fix? I recently experienced this myself during an online flight, I had to replace a complex SID due to a runway change and in the end the routing was a total mess and I had to opt for departure vectors... Krgds, Mike
  2. Thanks Stefan, it seems like there were indeed some leftover fx files from the "old" CRJ in the main P3D Effects folder, once I removed those the landing lights did not illuminate the cockpit anymore! Topic closed for me Mike
  3. Not that I would know, cannot guarantee thought that another addon might have overwritten something. Which ´file(s) would I need to check? Thanks, Mike
  4. Ok thanks Wolfgang. I'm pretty sure to have seen a YT vid without this effect in the cockpit... Mike
  5. Hi All, I have a problem where both the left and right landing lights illuminate the interior of the VC, please see attached screenshots I took showing the "before-after" situation. CRJ version is, P3D is the latest version as well ( Could this be related to some setting in the sim? The CRJ is the only aircraft where I experience this kind of problem. Thanks in advance for your help! Krgds, Mike
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