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  1. I tested with the experimental update and the behaouvior is now OK. Could have been the door not closed message even without using the checklist. Thanks Thomas
  2. Yes I did today once again. Result the same not going into the TO State. Thomas
  3. I am having the same problem. If you are running from cold&dark or Turnaround state, you are not getting into the Take Off State of the Airbus. Using ready to taxi or Takeoff is working. After filling all the necessary information like ZFW / GW Vref and ... for my understanding the Airbus should get inti the Take Off State at least when you start to taxi. After entering the runway and setting Flex or ToGA Power the primary Flight display should state SRS and TOGA. (at least all the other Airbus Models which I have used acted in this way). Any advise what could be wrong is helpful. ( By the way pressing To Config is not helping, or better is doing nothing). Thanks in advance Thomas
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