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  1. Hi Reinhard, That didn't seem to work either, although I'll have to be honest I am not sure what parameter to set in FSUIPC. Which manual were you referring to for the events? The AS one or FSUIPC? Thanks for the help, Graham
  2. Hi All, I have got myself a decent flight control system and am trying to assign some of the functions to the switches and rotaries. I have managed this fine with the PMDG 747 and using offsets and am trying to create a profile for the bus through FSUIPC and have created an lua file to do various functions but am a little confused with some of it. The baro increment and decrement is fine as there is some offsets in the action.lua file I got from the Linda forums over at Avsim but I am struggling to try and get other functions to work. For example trying to map a toggle for the AP1 button and the localiser button, the Localiser button for example:- if (ipc.readLvar("L:B_AP_LOC") == 1)then ipc.writeLvar("L:B_AP_LOC", 0) ipc.writeLvar("L:SmallOverheadPushButtons", 1) end Have it called APLOCAL_tgl.lua and in the sim can see the option available as an FS Control in FSUIPC, but when I assign it to a button nothing happens, is there a particular parameter I need to set, for it to function (have tried both a 0 and a 1)? Thanks, Graham
  3. Hi All, I have found a rather interesting issue and need some help in resolving it, please bare with me:- I received a new X56 flight control and I use FSUIPC and have tried following the manual to set up the throttles and it won't work at all, no matter how much I have tried. I the stumbled across an LUA (AirbusX_Thr1 and AirbusX_Thr2) and have used them to set the throttles up which works great but when I move the throttles at all (any aircraft), the frame rates drop by 30-40, only whilst it is moving? I posted on several other forums without success and thought I would try removing those entries today and low and behold it doesn't do it with those lua's not being used. By the way the lua simply is (ipc.writeLvar("L:AS_FADEC_0", ipcPARAM*-2) So whilst I have found what is causing it and I get to use my new controls, I can't use them with the bus as I can't get the throttles working. Any help appreciated so I can get airborne with my new controls Thanks, Graham
  4. Sorry I should add, I just armed the spoiler and lost the left engine and about a minute after that, everything went dark. Graham
  5. Just had this happen to me on approach. Everything came alive again after I hit the ground? Only happened since last experimental update. Thanks, Graham
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