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  1. I thought its the mission where you don't pick up passengers.
  2. I wanted to use this game on my BigBen USB Plugin controller. I use it for most PC driving games because its easier to drive. Basicly i plugged the usb in and when i go on controls menu and click to assign a new key / button i press a button on the controller and nothing happens. Do i have to do something first??
  3. On chapter 2 i understand your meant to drive to the UN skipping all the stops because it is the reserve bus. I get to the last stop / UN and park there and nothing happens. What do i do ?
  4. Found the problem. Security put it in blocked list. For no reason at all!. Unblocked it working fine!
  5. I have a problem when i double click on city bus simulator it says . .Windows cannot access the specified device , folder , path or file. You may not have approriate permissions to access this item. First of all i am the Administrator and it was installed on an admin account. I don't understand what is wrong!
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