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  1. Re-opening this post, I've a question. The update in the Update Section for Mega Airport Madrid... is only for FSX, it's true? So there is no update for Mega Airport Madrid 2004. Thanks!
  2. Ah, version of simulator is FS9. Thanks in advanced!! I'll wait for your reply
  3. Here are two photos of the problems. This is rwy 33R LEMD, but 33L - 18R and 18L it's the same. Thanks!
  4. Hi people! I've a problem with the yellow exit runway light in LEMD. LEMD airport has yellow light in the runway indicating the distance for the next exit. 300m / 200m and 100m Well, those lights are not similar than the others one. Are like.. static? Too big and anoying! Instead, the yellow light in the taxiway are OK. I'm not using any program like REDUX or similar. Thanks in advanced!
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