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    188 real world schedules for PFPX for a trip around the world. The trip starts at Sao Paulo (Brasilia) and ends at Sapporo (Japan) and is divided into 97 routes.
  2. Hey, your allegorical comparison (hope it's the right word) with the flat tire is excellent ! I also know statements like "the software will make it work right" if the hardware was designed badly. I see we have almost the same experience. But now back to the topic. No, I didn't said that placing the '1' inside the macro is a solution. What I tried to do is to eliminate any calculation of the gauge state to see if something other (e.g. an internal FSX state) prevents the display of the gauge. That was my intention. And because with that temporary change the gauge was always ON my conclusion
  3. So it seems an initialization problem of the gauge? Here's the code snippet of the DME XML gauge which controls the ON/OFF state: <Macro Name="gaugeOn"> (A:ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY, bool) (A:GENERAL ENG1 GENERATOR ACTIVE, bool) || (A:GENERAL ENG2 GENERATOR ACTIVE, bool) || (L:Radio circuit breaker state, bool) ! &amp;&amp; (A:CIRCUIT AVIONICS ON, bool) &amp;&amp; (L:dme off, bool) ! &amp;&amp; </Macro> I'm not a gauge expert but what I've done is to replace the whole content of the macro with '1' and the gauge is always ON as expected. So my c
  4. Starting FSX with the Default Cessna and then loading the Twin Otter didn't make any difference. But I did some further testings and the issue seems very mystical. Now I have one configuration with a correct working DME and another one with the malfunctional DME. If you look at the two pictures below you can see the DME and the internal XML variables of the DME. There's no difference between the values of variables but one DME works and the other not. Wolfgang
  5. Yes I saw that threads but they are about missing the DME gauge due to the installation of the ASC package. If you look at the picture in my previous post you can see that the gauge is there. One of the issues I have is that I can't activate the DME if I load the Twin Otter with a Cold&Dark panel (Battery Master and Avionics OFF). The other one I have sometimes is that the DME in the VC is OFF and in the DME popup it is ON. Wolfgang
  6. If I toggle the switch for the instrument lights the switch for the navigation lights also toggles. Is this by design? Wolfgang
  7. Depending of the saved state of the Battery Master and the Avionic Switch I'm unable to switch on the DME. I've done the following tests: Saved state; Battery OFF, Avionic OFF, DME OFF -> Battery ON, Avionic ON -> DEM display stays dark Saved state; Battery ON , Avionic OFF, DME OFF -> Avionic ON -> DEM Switch is always positioned at ON but DME diplay stays dark Saved state; Battery OFF, Avionic ON, DME OFF -> Battery ON -> DEM Switch is always positioned at ON but DME diplay stays dark Saved state; Battery ON, Avionic ON, DME OFF -> DEM works as expected Seems
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