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  1. No I have not changed any view. This by default goes to this view as soon as I choose the panel from the panel menus on upper left. for now I have disabled the left upper panel menu option in mcdu option and using chaseplane. Also, I had disabled the coughing co-pilot but it seems to have go in to my cockpit again. The other annoying thing is the repeated altimeter setting, altimeter setting by the lady just like some nagging wife!!
  2. I have chaseplane installed. Before this update everything was working fine even with chaseplane.
  3. after the latest update when I load the aircraft and the default view..(the first view of the upper left on the screen panel option) instead of the that panel I get the view as shown below. How do I correct this now? This is so damn frustrating!!
  4. My updater updated me to only and I don't see any announcement that ver 2 is out. Can anyone confirm? Thanks
  5. yes much better but the elevator axis needs more work. I have a fear the moments under CG values need to be checked.
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