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  1. So I'm trying to use the ATC but he always sends me to runway 07R and same for the traffic. Any way to fix that?
  2. I user simbrief and I've tried to use one that is recommended by the company router
  3. Hello, I've got more problems, I've read the documentation but I have this error of the flight plan not charging , plus the mcdu doesn't know the waypoints of the airports!
  4. sorry I can't see any messages saying that where is the documentation and the tutorial
  5. hello today i bought the professiona l versión por p3d v4 of a320 but th e mcdu isn't showing the load and fuel and all that things same for the Captain mcdu and when i'm at Crz altitude the plane doesn't stop to go up and down
  6. Hello today is when the discount of aircraft 20% finish and I still have it I don't want it
  7. when i'll buy the upgrade I can still use the a320 that i bought?
  8. how do I eliminate the 20% offer to have the upgrade
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