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  1. Very nice! Glad to see older scenery getting a refresh. Thanks Aerosoft!
  2. that download states "FOR THE FSX BOX/CD-VERSION ONLY" Customers who purchased the download version were pleased to re-download the latest version within their customers account Since I own the GA3 download pack, there seems to be no update
  3. Where is the update for owners of the complete GA3 pack? Full version is still listed as 1.02
  4. The link provided requires registration to download the texture?!? Please re-host either at Aerosoft or your own website.
  5. Hi Mathijs, any update on this issue? Thanks! -Sam
  6. Nope, DX9, the big white zone is from very light textures combined with bright light and ENB series bloom.
  7. Just purchased the Bornholm Island scenery for FSX and noticed there seems to be some textures missing from the terminal. Thanks!
  8. the pmdg aircraft.cfgs are installed as read only, its a noted bug on their forum. try turning read only off in the file properties and it should work then.
  9. Yes, fsx was not running when I tried the reset.
  10. Also note, the reset tool does not work. Even a complete uninstall/reinstall doesnt clear data or settings.
  11. Hi Marcel, Unfortunately I can only confirm that this fix breaks the GPS completely, RXP at least. With the new panel config applied, all click spots for the GPS are gone, and it will not power up.
  12. Same issue here, I am running Manchester Extreme 1.41 FSX (latest version from UK2000) and AES 2.10 does not recognize the airport.
  13. Thanks, thought it looked much too nice to be the W*lco
  14. Oliver any chance you can name the A380 addon in your last preview shot?
  15. Still getting the heavy nose UP on AP disconnect. no change from 1.20 to 1.21
  16. the heavy nose down at 100ft has been fixed, this is nice to see. However the rudder is still inop, and now there is a strong nose UP on autopilot disconnect.
  17. Please explain how it works better? Just finished the first flight with 1.20 and the rudder still does not work at all above 100ft.
  18. The history in the readme is blank. HISTORY 1.00 release 1.01 1.02 1.03
  19. Well considering it hasn't been added to the know issues list, and threads questioning the FBW implementation are now being locked and marked "solved" I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  20. The problem is the fly-by-wire system, at the moment the only solution is to disable it on the overhead or comment out Fly_by_wire=1 in the aircraft.cfg
  21. TF, it is not even close to how a real airbus flies. It IS how the extremely broken default FSX a321 flies, absolutely no comparison to the real birds fly-by-wire systems.
  22. This is a fault of using the default FSX a321 fly-by-wire system. The only current fix is to disable fly-by-wire in the aircraft.cfg by commenting out the Fly_by_wire=1 line.
  23. In the cfg there is a line which reads Fly_by_wire=1 Simply comment it out so it now reads //Fly_by_wire=1
  24. Thank you for the clarification, this explains all the 100ft/nosediving problems and non-functional rudder and trim in manual flight. Hope it can be fixed.
  25. Mathijs or anyone from the Aerosoft support/dev team, could we please get a clear answer on the fly-by-wire implementation in the Airbus X? Are you using a custom FBW system or the default FSX a321 FBW? Thanks!
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