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  1. Nav display compass or the heading indicator gets kind of stuck when turning, nevertheless the PFD works perfectly. on airbus a330 version
  2. I reseted my whole computer and reinstall everything P3D, addons and Aerosoft A330 and now it works.
  3. No logo tail light functional in every stage of a flight. Also passengers windows lights intensity varies when moving the thrust when engines are on and when taxing. Happened on SKBO at 3 am local time a330 rr Version
  4. Well i updated the A330-300 to version and i have noticed several bugs. After doing a long flight SKBO-KLAX with time accelerated to x8 during cruise and then landing with the plane properly configured and seted up even with the autochecklist done, the spoilers partially deployed and in the Ecam doesn't display a deployment, the reverse thrust could not be engaged ( it is blocked) i even tried to pull back the throttles with the mouse and it didn't engage reverse thrust also the steering is blocked even after completely stopped and resume the taxi. Also the left rear landing gear is not in horizontal position.
  5. 1. Which aircraft and engine combination are you referring to? There are eight (8) different aircraft models included in the Airbus Professional Series, so we really need to know which one you're writing about. Its the aerosoft A330-300 RR 2. We have one person report issues with the reverse thrust and we told him it was a calibration issue, which proved to be correct. I can personally testify that there are no issues in our code/models with reverse thrust, and as you are using the F2 key it shouldn't be a calibration issue. I'm guessing that you have not set the repeat command to the far right for the F2 Keybind or you have another key or axis bound to reverse thrust, or a thrust level is still commanding forward thrust when you command reverse thrust (which overrides reverse thrust). If you would like to post a screen shot of your reverse thrust bind I would be happy to take a look at it. I used a previously calibrated Logitech quadrant, when i noticed this problem right after landing i disconnected my quadrant and try using just f2 but it didn't work. 3. Above 10 knots of speed the nose wheel steering capability reduces proportionally as ground speed increases. You didn't really explain the conditions under which you are having issues with nose wheel steering, so it's difficult to provide you with advice. But I will say that there are no issues with our Nose Wheel Steering in any of the Airbus Professional Series so this also must be an issue with your system or settings. As i said before i reduced my speed almost to 0 and the landing gear still didn't steer. I even try steering with the mouse with no solution. But i just updated to the latest version ( via Aerosoft Update and will notify you guys if i have this problem again. By the way thanks for the aircraft i love it.
  6. This has happened to me twice after making a VOR approach and landing at LEJR and after an ils approach and landing at LEMD. First when landing i could engage reverse thrust by even present F2 repeatedly but i had auto brakes medium so they braked for me the plane but after finishing my roll out and reducing my speed to taxi speed i also noticed that the nose-gear didn't steer at any direction.
  7. Sure it works for me if this problem is address for next update. Thanks for your response.
  8. I was doing a night flight and noticed that when flaring the landing lights suddenly stopped illuminating ground, i check the landing light switch and it was in the on position as welll as the taxi light. I noticed that when i change of view angle or change the zoom the lights suddenly star illuminating ground again. Same happened with outside view angles. In the first picture the light are illuminating then i moved up my view a few degrees and the lights stopped illuminating ground. Please could someone give me a hand with this issue. In the following picture you can se near the taxi yellow line that the light are illuminating the ground Moved my view angle few degrees up and lights stopped illuminating ground
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