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  1. Any update for Oslo planned? It is starting to look a bit dated (textures, no PBR etc.).
  2. @FlyAgi your overlay fixed the problem. Thank you so much :D
  3. I’m sure this post concerns the same problem — posted over a year ago. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/133215-airport-bergen-xp-hard-to-taxi/
  4. I tried downloading the Hard Surface Library. Didn’t do any difference. Edit: maybe this library needs to be implemented into the scenery itself?
  5. Hi. I’m impressed that there still is no fix for this. The ground is not solid, causing dirt smoke from the tires. Drzewiecki Design EPWA Warsaw had the same problem, and they have released a fix.
  6. Thanks for your speedy reply. I already made a ticket. Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks, Marius
  7. Hi. Does any one know which password I am supposed to put in when trying to launch the .dmg file? I've tried the serial which is supposed to be used with the Windows version, but it doesn't work. Also tried my email, order number etc. with no luck. I wish these kind of instructions were available on the product page or download page.
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