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  1. hello aerosoft guys! Is there any good news for those waiting for their Bravo? Maybe Honeycomb aeronautical found the required components, or maybe they found several containers with Bravo on the backyard that were forgotten about? Or is it still very sad? Talk to us. Give hope.))
  2. I am not going to cancel the order. What's the point of this? then again to be at the end of the line?)) Autumn means autumn. thank you guys for your honesty.
  3. 30% more than my order from Aerosoft, including shipping and customs duties. Therefore, the insolence of scalpers is very great. I never buy things from these people, their parasitic nature is disgusting to me. Therefore, I humbly await my turn for delivery.) Have a nice day!
  4. In Russia, Bravo is available from scalpers for 30% more. I don’t want to pay them because I don’t respect them. I made an order in early March, I hope the situation will be resolved and I will receive it in May-June, as Marius says. I think we need to be patient my virtual brothers. I think the guys from Aerosoft are doing everything that depends on them. Have a nice day, everyone.
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