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  1. I can second the ILS freq entry, takes a few clicks now. Not a huge prob though.
  2. Hi, I've been doing some test flights tonight and have noticed perhaps (well I can't see it mentioned anywhere) a missing point in the step by step docs which could be what's catching certain people out with regard to the aircraft diving after takeoff when enabling the AP. It's probably really obvious to most but it caught me out doh - As per the docs I set my initial altitude to a value greater than the THR RED altitude. - I run through all the checks (everything is dash dot etc as expected), I'm ready to take off. - At VR I rotate to approximately 15 degrees, gear up. flaps up > than s speed, reduce throttle at correct stage etc - I now turn on the AP and the plane immediately drops the nose and starts diving. A common theme after reading a number of posts on the subject. What I have noticed is unless you actually left click the ALT knob after setting your intial altitude the system doesn't seem to pick it up i.e. it doesn't show on the PFD above the ALT ticker. There is however a really low value below the ALT ticker on the PFD just after takeoff which I believe is what the aircrafts AP thinks is the correct level to be at, hence the dive. It varied on my display but was around 100 most times. Now when I set my initial altitude I always left click the ALT knob afterwards and hey presto on enabling the AP after takeoff no dive, just a lovely continuing climb to the correct level. The initial ALT I set can also be seen above the ALT ticker on the PFD before I even takeoff which of course is where it should show for a climb. Now I'm sure you hardended airbus fans already know the above or can correct me if this is the wrong procedure etc but it's sorted out the nose dive on takeoff for me and wasn't obvious in the step by step guide. Oh and another thing. I've also found that even though you have a dash dot on the hdg display and are supposedly in managed mode sometimes the AP does not follow your planned route when turned on after TO. I have to left click the HDG knob to wake it up/confirm it. This doesn't happen all the time but I'd say it was 50/50 in my case. I just do that also before TO Hope this helps someone else. All the best Andy
  3. Andiehuk


    Could be Friday midday. Fingers crossed.
  4. Thanks for the update Shaun. I've got my fingers crossed.
  5. Hi Mathijs, Are we any nearer to seeing this patch released? I heard tomorrow was the day but can't really find anything officially to back that up. It would be nice to have it before the UK's Openskies VATSIM event at the weekend if possible. If not then no probs, I can wait of course Ta Andy
  6. Post no longer relevent as original post was removed. Feel free to delete Admin peeps. Ta
  7. I've had a very similar problem to this. Not been able to replicate recently though but it was with v1.11. Never did figure out what caused it however Mathijs did comment. I'm sure I had everything in managed mode just like to sounds you had. I think the only way it was fixed was by refreshing the flight plan, I use EFB. Sorry I can't bo of more help, it's very frustrating I know... http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=38959
  8. Would certainly help check your flight plan that's for sure. I use that function in the wilco's all the time.
  9. Thanks for the fast reply Mathijs. I'm pretty sure I was in managed mode which is why I found it very odd. I will however go through the guide and db check I had everything set as it should be. Will post if I can replicate the problem again
  10. Hi, I've done a few flights now and so far it's been pretty good, really enjoying it. I do suffer from a few of the bugs fixed in 1.20 but as they are fixed I'm really pleased about that. Thanks for the sterling effort Aerosoft with those little bugs. I did have a weird problem lastnight which may be covered by the 1.20 update but I wanted to get clarification if possible please. I took off from EGAA, rwy heading for a few miles and then I turned on the AP, I was about 3000ft agl. The AP started turning the plane to the right even though the quickest route to get on track was just to the left. I turned off the AP and corrected the turn to put myself back on track. Once on track I turned on the AP again and although I was on track the aircraft decided that it wanted to turn to the right again. I decided to let it continue expecting it to level out once it had done a complete right turn. It didn't and continued to turn to the right passing over the correct track, totally ignoring it infact. FD was on all the time by the way. I turned the AP off again, corrected my track and did a direct to for the next waypoint. I then turned on the AP and again it just turned to the right. I then did another direct to with the AP turned on, track changed on the display as expected but it still went to the right and would have continued for ever I reckon, at least until I ran out of fuel . The short of it is I ended up flying half the route manually (not a great deal really I guess). After about half way I re-tried the AP and it worked fine. The only thing I did whilst flying manually that could possibly have fixed the AP was use EFB to input my STAR and runway. This obviously refreshed the flight plan in the MCDU. Is this a known problem and is this what is fixed by the point "FLIGHT DIRECTOR HEADING CORRECTED" in the 1.20 fixed list? If not has anyone had this problem? Apologies if it's been highlighted before. All the best Andy
  11. I third that along with an A340. Plenty of A318,19's in the pipeline already. I would pay full price again for those models.
  12. Excellent news, look forward to getting the SP installed next week. Thanks for all the hard work.
  13. Hi, I'd be more than happy with the additional items you have listed above, it would be the icing on the cake for this lovely aircraft for sure. The only thing I would really love is an A330/A340. No one seems to be developing those variations which is a real shame. It always seems to be about the A318/319/320 and 321 these days... Keep up the great work. I'll be watching feverishly for any developments, whatever they maybe All the best Andy
  14. Hi, I've been reading this thread and the others pretty much everyday since I found out about the Airbus X project back in 2009. I'm a bit of an Airbus nut so can't wait for the release, more than happy to wait though so take your time guys. Anyway I don't recall this question being asked but feel free to bash me if it has I know that pretty much the whole state of the aircraft can be saved which is wonderful and a very welcome addition. I was just wondering if it does this automatically whilst you are flying at set periods or is it a totally manual process? My reason for asking is I have FSUIPC set to save the my flight automatically say every 30mins or so. My sim is pretty stable but every now and again I get the dreaded CTD for no real reason. I can reload the flight fairly close to the CTD but if I could also reload the aircraft state as close the CTD as possible that would be awesome. It's not the end of the world to remind myself to save the aircraft state at various stages but just thought I'd chuck it out there to see what peoples thoughts on this would be. All the best Andy
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