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    The texture is very blurry when you zoom out. Besides that issue its good.
  1. Wow, at 1:06 it looks like a real aircraft! Amazing job
  2. I solved the problem. It is the Maddog md80. I deinstalled it and after it looked good again.
  3. I think it comes from the majestic dash 8. Im doing a reinstall now and i hope the lights are normal After that.
  4. I use pta but the Problem is still there of i reset the shaders In the Night you can See it a bit better
  5. Hallo, i have a Problem with the external lights. They are very big with a fog Circle around it. You cant see it very good in the picture, but of you zoom to the front gear lights you can see it. The problem is at the day, as well as at night. I have already reinstalled it. I hope you have a solution because it doesnt look good. Flo
  6. I updated to v4.4 but i got about 10-15 fps less than before, so i updated back
  7. Yes i Updated to the newest Version
  8. I did about 100 flights in this Aircraft and this Happend just on the last there flights
  9. Hello, i have a problem with the a320. When i‘m starting the descend the Aircraft slows down as Long as the A320 Comes into Stall Themen it is acceleraring. When i set the speed manual it is descending constant with 1000ft per Minute. I can see the green point which shows the path, but the plane isnt following. I have to set the descend rate and the Speed in the approach manual now.
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