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  1. vor 52 Minuten, johnjohn52 sagte:

    Did you start the apu before pushback? you need it to power the airplane once external power gets cut off from pushback

    Of course I started the APU. And I also started the engines. Everything was fine until it suddenly shut down a minute after pushback was completed.


    And like I said a whole bunch of buttons stopped working properly as well. The plane was reset but not completely. When I tried to just restart everything, the engine start button wouldn't light up for example, but it did start the engine.


  2. vor 34 Minuten, Mathijs Kok sagte:

    And just do the tutorial guys, you really need to understand the aircraft or you will run into issue like this.

    Not only was my APU running, even the engines were running when the plane just shut down. And yes, the gens were on.


    Could you please stop patronizing posts like this? It's a bug, not user error.

  3. vor 6 Stunden , Mathijs Kok sagte:

    Is that with our navdata or Navigraph?


    I can actually reproduce that with the bugged SID I mentioned in my other post. 

    KTPA, GANDY8 STAR with SABEE transition from runway 19R.


    It inserts SABEE at the end of the STAR but also has a GANDY leg after SABEE.  

    Now if you get rid of the discontinuities and wrong waypoint in the legs page BEFORE finishing and exec’ing the flight plan, the FMS locks up when trying to enter an arrival runway (at KEYW for me).


    The whole plane becomes unusable when that happens. 

  4. vor 30 Minuten, metzgergva sagte:

    If you did transfer the data from the EFB that should be identical on fuele and load weight and very close on % COG.

    I did.


    What I did for takeoff was to enter the ZFW and the fuel in the EFB and then hit "Set Payload in Simulator". The EFB calculated it and gave me a CG of 19%. The fuel tab of the sim instead said it's 23%.


    Now get this: I hit the same "set payload in simulator" button again after landing, the ZFW and fuel were still in obviously: and now the EFB gave me a CG of 23%.


    Do you have to hit that twice or a random amount of times to get it right? 😛 I remember the CRJ in P3D also behaved a little erratically depending on whether you hit "Set payload" once or twice at some point.


    (on a side note: i love how some of the bugs from the P3D version are carried over to the FS20 version. The LNAV still enjoys hunting the course after overshooting.)

  5. Is it possible the CG is out of whack? I also noticed weird high angles of attack in addition to the early nose-lift on takeoff.


    I've set the weights by entering the ZFW in the EFB. And according to the EFB my ZFW CG is 18.4%. CG for takeoff 19.1. And I think that's fine.

    But according to FS20's fuel tab the Center of gravity is at 23.84%. (empty position 35 full to the right as it should be). I didn't touch the FS weights when setting up.

  6. Vor 1 Stunde, metzgergva sagte:

    This is unusual. Did you also send the EFB data to the aircraft so that EFB data and aircraft are synchronized. It may happen that fuel is at a different level or the load.


    Yes, I did. 
    I can pretty much rule out doing anything wrong on that front. It’s not significantly different from the P3D version I own in that regard. 

  7. Two flights so far. I’ve always set the trim that the EFB gives me. I also made sure that the CG is fine just using the EFB (and it’s all the way to the right in the FS20 settings), so it’s not that. 

    On both flights the plane lifted its nose on its own way before reaching Vr.

    vor 15 Minuten, metzgergva sagte:

    It depends on the trim you have set. if you use the trim as it is shown on the EFB Load Page, you should need a little pull to get the nose up.
    By default the trim sits at 6 and for the default load it should be 7.1.



  8. My spending on P3D addons hasn’t decreased at all. 

    But I’m not buying any Aerosoft products for the very reason Rob and others have stated. 

    The continuing bashing of P3D by people like Kok is just showing that Aerosoft has a business interest in pushing MSFS over P3D. 

    I’ve voted with my wallet. Of course P3D sales are tanking for Aerosoft but that’s on them. 

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  9. vor 2 Stunden , B777ER sagte:


    Luckily for all of us your opinion is not a shared one as when you say "we", it is just Aerosoft, not the industry as a whole. 

    Again: Considering Aerosoft’s commercial investment in MSFS’ success, it’s hard to overlook the huge conflict of interest whenever they comment on P3D. 

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  10. On 11.9.2020 at 21:20, Mathijs Kok sagte:

    Should work, if not it could be a while before we work on it. We are not major fans of V5 at this moment and commercially P3D has flatlined.

    Considering how invested you are in MSFS commercially it’s obvious why you’re pushing it as much as possible. 

    As it stands I think MSFS has a lot of potential but I have no desire to spend any money on addons until some good planes are out for it which might take another year or so. 

    That your P3D business has flatlined is obvious considering the more hardcore simmers are left in P3D right now while the rest is trying out MSFS with its default planes. And you know as well as I do that your aircraft products have never appealed to more advanced simmers because they were never close to the AAA quality you get from the likes of PMDG, Majestic, FSLabs or Leonardo. I do think the gamble is gonna pay off for you. You surely made a lot of money with the MSFS boxes and people in MSFS are dying to get some non-default aircraft so they'll take anything they can get. :)

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  11. On 6.8.2020 at 10:32, Mathijs Kok sagte:

    So to be clear on MFS aircraft projects... our plan is to do the CRJ first, Twin Otter next (that one is seriously intended for the use on the Xbox)

    Would you mind expanding just a little on what that means?

    I have no intention of ever using an X-Box but would buy your Twin Otter in a heartbeat unless it’s somehow watered down or simplified for console use. 

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