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  1. My spending on P3D addons hasn’t decreased at all. But I’m not buying any Aerosoft products for the very reason Rob and others have stated. The continuing bashing of P3D by people like Kok is just showing that Aerosoft has a business interest in pushing MSFS over P3D. I’ve voted with my wallet. Of course P3D sales are tanking for Aerosoft but that’s on them.
  2. Totally agree. When there are major visual glitches in a new version, products shouldn't be sold as compatible with it. That's misleading.
  3. No doubt, but I'm also a little tired of @Mathijs Kok's super-enthusiastic posts when it's clear MSFS will take at least a year to be where many of us expected it to be. I realize Aerosoft is one of the few developers who actually have access to Asobo (considering many devs are complaining they've tried to contact Asobo for months without any luck) and that Aerosoft is heavily invested commercially into the success of the sim, but posts should at least be somewhat balanced and fair. I recognize the many cool things in MSFS.
  4. Not when it comes to the mesh. Or accurate weather. Or the flight model. Or how turbulence affects the plane. Or taxiways. Or VFR landmarks like power lines. Or low resolution photo scenery at high altitudes.
  5. Again: Considering Aerosoft’s commercial investment in MSFS’ success, it’s hard to overlook the huge conflict of interest whenever they comment on P3D.
  6. Considering how invested you are in MSFS commercially it’s obvious why you’re pushing it as much as possible. As it stands I think MSFS has a lot of potential but I have no desire to spend any money on addons until some good planes are out for it which might take another year or so. That your P3D business has flatlined is obvious considering the more hardcore simmers are left in P3D right now while the rest is trying out MSFS with its default planes. And you know as well as I do that your aircraft products have never appealed to more advanced simmers because they were never
  7. Would you mind expanding just a little on what that means? I have no intention of ever using an X-Box but would buy your Twin Otter in a heartbeat unless it’s somehow watered down or simplified for console use.
  8. I’d comment but you’d just delete my post again.
  9. I think people are mostly surprised stuff is released with a bug that could be discovered by loading the airport at night... once.
  10. I’m 100% sure P3D will be used a lot by me for the foreseeable future. I don’t think I’ll be spending a whole lot of time with MSFS this year.
  11. It’s great to hear you’re supporting legacy technology. Wondering about the shipping costs, though. Just the standard amount I hope? And will you sell a black-and-white edition of the sim for people with less hard disk space? Probably needs much fewer floppy disks, too.
  12. I have better FPS and fewer stutters in P3D v5 and from what I see on all P3D-related forums that is basically the experience most people are reporting. That is the biggest plus I'm seeing. The smoothness is amazing compared to 4.5 and adds a lot of immersion. Contrary to what you're claiming, Enhanced Atmospherics is clearly marked as "Beta" in P3D5's options and has been all along since release. I'm not sure why you're saying it isn't, when it clearly is. It literally flat out says "Beta" in brackets behind the option in the settings. What left me dumbfounded the most
  13. That’s only an issue with Enhanced Atmospherics which Lockheed clearly states is still in beta. So here you are trying to ridicule them with a “funny” bug that’s affecting a feature that is in beta and that nobody is forced to even use? Wow. EA will come out of beta in 5.1 and LM never claimed it’s fully ready yet. You always have the option to use traditional sky and clouds. Claiming this is a general bug with v5 is just disingenuous on your part. The way you’re trying to throw Lockheed under the bus in recent weeks shows that Aerosoft is going to try and shift focus to MS
  14. Have you set the Bus to use Navigraph data in the configuration tool?
  15. How convenient... Using P3D5 without any shader addons. The windshield looks exactly the same for me as it did it 4.5. I’m pretty sure it’s what Dave said. It was just designed that way. I just find the effect a little overdone.
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