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  1. Hello Heinz, thanks for your advice. I have reinstalled all the C ++, but the solution has been modifying the X-Plane resolution. In this way I was able to recover the 2D panels and move them. The resolution of TV and CRJ-200 do not get along. It only happens with the CRJ-200. The rest of X-Plane 11 is fine. Thank you
  2. Yesterday I bought the CRJ-200 on Steam. 2D views such as HSI, FMC, etc., open and remain fixed, without being able to move or resize them. The heading indicator, for example, opens in the upper left corner of the screen, partially off screen, too large, and I can not move or resize it. I have seen some video on the Internet and they can do it. X-Plane 11 TV screen 37 " NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB W7
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