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  1. I've continued to test this issue, during which I've noticed the aircraft does not go above the upper magenta speed limit. What happens is the plane dives to keep up with the extremely steep descent angle until reaching the upper limit, then it raises the nose and "gives up" trying to follow the descent path. I have used cost indices between 5 and 75, with the same issue occurring (though of varying severity).
  2. -KIAH RWY 33R LURIC6.HAWES ELD.HOBRK3 KMEM RWY 18R, cruise altitude FL370 -KSLC RWY 34R DEZRT1.MVA.MOD8 KSFO RWY 28L, cruise altitude FL380 -ATL RWY 08R SMKEY2.BOBBD HUCHH SUG KAVL RWY 16, cruise altitude FL230 These are just 3 of the flights I've done recently. As I said, it's happening on literally EVERY flight I do.
  3. KIAH to KMEM: LURIC6 HAWES ELD HOBRK3 at FL370 I really don't think the flight plan has anything to do with it, as I have tried various different flight plans with and without STARS to different airports, but maybe I'm missing something. I've done it with a wind uplink, without the uplink, with a headwind, with a tailwind, with no wind... It happens no matter what the wind is doing.
  4. Unfortunately, the rapid descent issue has NOT been resolved. I did a flight from KIAH to KMEM, during which I flew the HOBRK3 arrival. I was cruising at FL370 and verified the crossing restrictions were properly entered into the flight plan, and that the wind uplink was in place. I activated managed descent mode approximately 15 miles prior to the planned TOD, which was near the OTIS waypoint. Upon nearing OTIS, the descent path suddenly plummeted past me, resulting in a 4000 FPM+ descent trying to keep up with it until the computer gave up and defaulted back to 1000 FPM.
  5. Unfortunately, it looks like one of the updates broke the FMGC. If I click the top row of buttons to open the menu to load state, fuel/payload, options, etc the screen is blank. I'm troubleshooting now.
  6. You're correct, I meant KBOS. Sorry, it was late. That STAR was just an example, I've had various different STAR's of different types and the problem persists on all of them. Furthermore I just did a test with no STAR, instructing the aircraft to just cross a VOR at a certain altitude. I still ended up with a more than 8K FPM descent to follow the descent path. and yes, in managed descent mode. I select the altitude I want to descent to and left click the altitude knob once, resulting in the circle appearing next to it and "DES" appearing on the screen. (Sorry for the lack of proper terms, I just started flying Airbus and am much more familiar with Boeing). The speed will increase beyond the upper magenta speed limit until the computer gives up on the descent and starts a standard 1k FPM descent rate. If I drop the spoilers, that's when I get the 8000 FPM descent rate until, again, the computer realises it's speeding up too much and reduces to 1k FPM. I see there is a new experimental version released of and One of the listed fixes in is "Better prevention of Stuka dives" so I'm updating now and about to do a test flight. I will advise in a couple hours if this resolved the issue.
  7. Last flight I did: KDTW to KJFK, Route: HHOWE1 LWEMA JHW Q82 PONCT JFUND2
  8. Hello! First off, sorry if this has already been answered. I searched the forums and found people reporting similar issues, however, I have not seen any with a solution. (It appears most of the time the OP stops responding to requests for information). I am having an issued with both the A318/319 and A320/321 in P3D V4. Simply put, it appears the simulation is not calculating a proper descent path, resulting in an 8,000+ foot per minute decent being commanded by the autopilot to keep up with the descent path. I even start the descent well before the predicted top of descent, only to watch the descent path suddenly plummet off the scale with no time for me to react. It has literally been impossible to keep up with the descent path on every flight I have performed in the aircraft, even with maximum spoilers. I have a flight plan with a STAR loaded each time, usually RNAV, and have the wind data uplink successfully set. I am running the latest version of the Airbus Professional on Windows 7. I am assuming I'm doing something wrong, however, I can't figure out what it is after about 10 flights of trying different things. I uninstalled and reinstalled, as one thread suggested, however, that had no impact whatsoever. I am flying with FS2Crew if that makes any difference. Let me know what information you need to help resolve this issue and I will certainly provide it. Thanks! John
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