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  1. Thank you Shaun! I am having the exact same problem. It seems to be one of the terminals that's causing the huge FPS drop - don't know which one. A friend who has this scenery for FSX say's that there is no FPS hit... so it's just FS9. I wish I didn't buy it now, because I don't even fly there at all as it is unflyable!
  2. I am also having this problem. There are some airports where I can hear the sounds, such as Palma (LEPA), but others that I regularly fly out of I can't hear anything. Also running Windows XP 32bit. Josh
  3. I have exactly the same problem. With the latest patch, the FPS decrease, less FPS than the previous version. Regards.
  4. I know! I never said it was, all I said is that it looks great... Just that it would be cool of them to make a 737 for FS9 and FSX!
  5. Yes, I knew that, but I've been told that unfortunately it's not going to be for FS9, which I use. Regards.
  6. Hi guys! Don't you think it would be great if Aerosoft made a 737NG series? Don't get me wrong, the PMDGs 737 is excellent system wise, but I find the VC lacking a little! I mean it the VC lights are horrible, and personally I don't think it looks like the real thing. I see Aerosoft are making an A320, which looks superb, so why not a 737 Any thoughts? Thanks.
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