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  1. It worked !!!!! With SIMBRIEF route & navigraph source !! (sorry for night Pictures)
  2. Hi Mopperle, yes I removed discontinuity, but did not finalize that flight, because more decisive is now how it works with actualized SIMBRIEF/Navigraph route/data-Kombi, put back Source from NAVdataPro to Navigraph in Airbus config manager and then actualized Naphigraph in FMS Data Manger (which is also connected o A320) to new AIRAC cycle 1911. Will come back with flight result...
  3. after PC Restart deinistall, new install of A320 worked! Now different A/P behaviour with HDG reacting (!!!!!) AP Unchanged Configurator Setting on old NAVPro data (hope that will work also with may updated Navigraph source (as Hoffie3000 reported) Still no idea what was wrong, but happy on working AP-heading 🙂
  4. no idea what happens, I will shut down and Restart PC, uninstall A320 again and try reinstall (I have blocked Virus scan and Firewall during install time)
  5. Final Download part "TRUE GLASS AND REALLIGHT" Lasting meanwhile for 10 min... ;-(
  6. I just tried without DEFAULT -buttom: from CLDDARK, Started FLP with entering EDDN RWY and STAR ILS 25/ DKB9B and again 1st waypoint "1700" with FL 120 (!!!?) resulted, makes no sense to continue this flight... doesn`t it?
  7. do you think ist an idea to additionally Pressing Default-knob?? Await your answer befoire I do the Autopilot flight check again
  8. thanks for checking, ok will try & come back to you
  9. ach ja, hatte zuletzt den 1500er Wegpunkt (hatte oben die Routen-Schleifenbildung gezeigt) diesmal bewußt raus gelöscht, Routenschleife deshalb weg? hi Wolfgang, die Gewichte trage ich immer zuerst in Loading/FUEL-page ein und übertrage dann dann in die Pilot sided MCDU (was meinst du mit MCDU"4"?) auf Init2 page
  10. noch ein Versuch mit FL120 diesmal ohne neue Routenlinien, Flugzeug fliegt obwohl alles perfekt aussah im Automode unbeeinflußt gerade weiter, zum Verzweifeln...(sorry wg der Nachtbilder) ach ja, hatte zuletzt den 1500er Wegpunkt (hatte oben die Routen-Schleifenbildung gezeigt) diesmal bewußt raus gelöscht, Routenschleife deshalb weg?
  11. Hallo auch bei FL 120 resultierte Autopilot-Blödsinn...nachdem die Route vor dem Start vernünftig aus sah, sh Bild zu Test 120 2.jpg, Der Flieger weigert sich nach dem Start im Auto mode irgendeine Trackingwinkel-änderung zu machen, fliegt nur gerade aus... (HDG Change funktioniert nur bei manuell mode - dh NAV Knopf rausziehen) bleibe ratlos
  12. danke Wolfgang für dein Feedback u den Tipp, den T/D hat er automatisch da hingelegt, ich probier das gerne nochmal mit FL120 aus, wenngleich ich das AutoRoute Problem bereits bei längeren Strecken (zB Jeres nach Mallorca auf FL330) hatte wo die max Höhe keine Problem hätte sein sollen
  13. no Messages in message window anymore (what meant "T.O. inhibit" seen before?)
  14. very strange routes change (pic 18ff) during take off Phase, plane Always straight, should turn left according original route
  15. next Trial Route EDDN DKB GEBNO EDDS with SID STARs (see photos) inkl automated (Pilot/Copilot) Checklist procedure V Speeds by flaps & Trim Setting, this time during engine start up (hope thats not critical, normally I did it before)
  16. Hi mopperle, thx for answering I followed tutorial procedure below with still existing Problem Just flew (here with A319) starting from Cold and Dark from EDDN by manually FMC Input simple route (means no additional way Points) direct to EDDS (here no SIMBRIEF CO route involved) with manually input SID and STAR, checking flight plan, sorrily only took that one Picture, will collect, more photo documentation might come with next Trial Berthold
  17. dear support Team ..also after following tutorial flights procedure still lacking NAV tracking in Auto Pilot mode with A320 (weigths correctly set in INIT 2 page, happens also without preselected SID STAR from SIM BRIEF, SID STARS directly programmed in FMC), ask for help what to do..? does it make sense to check, what happens with A319 plane? latest Airbus Profess. Version 1.2.5 latest prepar 3D V4.5 Version
  18. ..todays flight again without any plan tracking and glide slope finding, will have to study tutorial flight again to exclude further own mistakes
  19. ….wrong conclusion with "LOC" for me tracking problem still exists
  20. dear all, my mistake, LOC Bottom was not pressed, too Long Boeing flying before …. nice weekend
  21. dear Keenrw, please confirm, did you use this recently updated p3dv4.5 Version: ? Berthold
  22. Hi all, also have to report annoying "not following route" Problem from first waypoint after start !!!!! with latest P3D V4.5.13.32097 Version downloaded on 7.10.19 and latest Airbus Professional v1.2.5 (re-download did not help) also made INIT weight entry correct, using different SIMBRIEF routes based on latest Navigraph data cycle (data source in Aerosoft A320/321 configurator set on Navigraph too) I am quite experienced with Airbus flying, Autopilot worked already before my two months Boeings flight phase For me Looks like problem came with latest P3D Versi
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