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    Hardware poll

    I would not have expected so many to have such fast setups. I'm kinda jealous Keep up the great work Aerosoft! You are the company most involved with it's customer base and that is awesome!
  2. Thought I'd make an interesting day for this school:) Good luck all!
  3. Thanks! WA59 I think. There are several airports in that area though, but that is general the area.
  4. Having some fun in ORBX's PNW demo with SibWing's Birddog.
  5. My contribution for this month. The image was only cropped.
  6. F6F Hellcat at dusk above the northern coast of Germany.
  7. The devices connected to the at my house are: 3 Laptops 3 PCs 1 Wii 2 Blackberries 3 IPod Touches 1 Wi Fi Printer 5 Nintendo DS's A total of 18 devices for 7 people. Thats 2.571428... devices per person.
  8. This is what the newsletter said: VFR Germany 1-4 Bundle (FSX) Also completed is the VFR Germany range. Consisting of 4 separate products that cover the whole of Germany with million upon million (serious) objects and the best available areal imagery at 1 meter per pixel. The bundle will need roughly 60 GB of hard disk and comes on 16 DVD’s. A big product in every way. If you buy this bundle you get all four sections and only pay for three.
  9. What ever happened to the whole Germany pack? It was mentioned in the October newsletter. Was it a limited time only offer?
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