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  1. Thank you for the response. I was running X-Plane 11 with maximum textures already (not uncompressed) but wonder why it was using the png files? I took your suggestion and deleted the png files.
  2. Recently I started flying into Aspen KASE by Aerosoft. I have the steam version installed. The trees displayed are white even though I have not set up the winter mod. I uninstalled the scenery, made sure the folders were deleted and then reinstalled. Same issue. Digging into the files I found under D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Airport\objects\vegetation\texture four files. Two dds and two png for shrubs and trees. The png files show a white texture. If I delete the white colored png files or edit them and replace the white texture with green, then I get green trees and shrubs. I do not believe the scenery used to work this way and only noticed this recently. Has anyone else noticed this or experienced this issue with the Aerosoft Aspen XP scenery? I have submitted a support ticket on this but wanted to touch base on the forum.
  3. Thank you. But it's a shame that one has to do that to avoid the situation that I am in. I will try to remember to ask first before purchasing.
  4. Thank you for the feedback. I'm new to P3D and only recently purchased 4.5. So I've got a lot of learning on how to recognize what is compatible and what is not. I have the Lukla scenery for FSX SE and wanted it for P3D 4.5.
  5. I fell victim to advertisement on FSPilotshop for Lukla X & Mount Everest being advertised as compatible with FSX, FSX SE, FS2004, P3D V3 and P3D V4. Searching the internet I have found reports that this software is not compatible with V4 even though the installer has been updated (version 2.3.0) to allow installation into V4. I have contacted FSPilotshop but have not received a reply regarding this issue. I see now on the Aerosoft site that this scenery is not listed as compatible with V4, but unfortunately some sites are advertising it that way.
  6. I just purchased and installed Lukla X & Mount Everest for FSX & P3D in P3D V4.5. On going to the airport I immediately noticed an issue with the mountains. The mountain textures are a mixture of black and other textures and definitely do not look correct. I have read older posts that stated the installer was updated for P3D V4 but the textures have not been updated. Is there any change on this? Is there an update in the works that will fix this texture issue?
  7. The mountain textures in the Aspen XP scenery surround Aspen and go all the way up to include Eagle County Regional Airport (KEGE). So if you have applied the Winter MOD correctly the airport as well as the surrounding mountains should have snow. But since XP11 does not have seasons, the mountains outside of the Aspen XP scenery area will not have snow unless you have an addon like TerraMaxx that adds winter textures to the default scenery. Terra Maxx does not work with ortho or photo scenery, just X-Plane 11 default scenery.
  8. As I mentioned above I use xOrganizer 2.0 to manage my scenery. I installed Aspen XP into X-Plane 11 and verified it worked correctly using the Summer textures. I then copied the Aspen XP folders from custom scenery over to a backup drive and labeled the backup as Aspen XP Summer. I then applied the Winter Mod located in the Aerosoft - Kase Aspen - Airport\Winter_Mod folder. Once I verified that the Winter textures worked I again copied the Aspen XP folders from custom scenery over to a backup drive and labeled the backup Aspen XP Winter. Since there were no modifications to the Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Autogen and Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Mesh HDv4 folders I left them in custom scenery and deleted the Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Airport, Mesh_a and Mesh_b folders. I then renamed the Airport, Mesh_a and Mesh_b folders in my backups adding Summer to the Airport and Mesh_a folders in my Summer backup and added Winter to the Airport, Mesh_a and Mesh_b folders in my Winter backup. Last I copied the folders with the Summer and Winter added from my backups to the custom scenery folder. So now under custom scenery I have the following folders. Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Airport SummerAerosoft - KASE Aspen - Airport WinterAerosoft - KASE Aspen - AutogenAerosoft - KASE Aspen - Mesh HDv4Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Mesh_a SummerAerosoft - KASE Aspen - Mesh_a WinterAerosoft - KASE Aspen - Mesh_b Winter Then I went into xOrganizer and created two profiles, one for Summer and one for Winter. In the summer profile I enabled the Aspen XP Autogen and Mesh HDv4 folders and the folders with Summer added to them. In the Winter profile I enabled the first two folders mentioned before and the folders with Winter added to them. With that done now all you have to do is go into xOrganizer and select either the Summer or Winter profile depending on the season you want to fly in and it enabled the correct folders in the scenery_packs.ini file.
  9. I forgot to mention in my remarks above "Thank You" for producing Winter textures for Aspen XP. As mentioned above I have found a way to switch between Winter and Summer textures without having to copy files from a folder and overwriting files each time. So Thank You again for the wonderful scenery.
  10. If that is the case I think it is a very poor excuse. That reasoning is the same as why LR didn't put in seasons to begin with. Because they don't care about seasons. If airport scenery provides seasonal textures it should provide a means to switch between the textures or automate the switch. Not just a way to switch to winter textures and no instructions on how to revert back to summer textures. That's just a courtesy to the individuals who purchase the scenery and the lack of that ability is just plain poor programming and customer service.
  11. I tried creating the Summer_Mod folder as you suggested and copied the files into it per your instructions. But when I tried changing between winter and summer things did not go well. I came up with the following solution. After installing the initial files I copied the four folders to a backup drive (Airport, Autogen, Mesh HDv4, Mesh_a) and called the folder they were in Summer. I then applied the winter mod and copied the folders into a Winter folder on my backup drive (Airport, Autogen, Mesh HDv4, Mesh_a, Mesh_b). I then added Winter and Summer to the folder names for those folders that had files that changed or were added when the winter mod was applied. And then copied those folders into my custom scenery folder. I now have the following folders: Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Airport Summer Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Airport Winter Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Autogen Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Mesh HDv4 Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Mesh_a Summer Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Mesh_a Winter Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Mesh_b Winter I use xOrganizer and have a profile for summer and winter. Each enables the appropriate folders for the season and disables the inappropriate ones. This seems to work for now. But it would be really nice if Aerosoft would make a change to automate the textures based on the date being used in X-Plane 11. Thank you for your assistance.
  12. Thank you for the information. But this is kind of ridiculous to have to do. This should have been automated like it is in many of my other airports. I will give it a try but I think I am just going to delete the Aspen XP airport and use the default scenery and not purchase any Aerosoft products in the future. This is just not acceptable to have to go through this type of a process to switch textures. I am very disappointed in Aerosoft.
  13. An update was put out today for Aspen XP to provide winter textures. I though great now I can have both and thought the change would work like my other airports for X Plane 11. So I followed the vague instructions and copied the winter mod files to the root of my XP11. And yes I now have winter textures. But there are no instructions on how to get the summer textures. I have many payware airports for XP11 and some have both winter and summer textures. On those airports the textures are changed automatically based on the date set in XP11. But this does not seem to be the case for Aspen XP, which is a real disappointment, making it virtually useless. There is a remark in the manual stating that I should backup my summer textures before installing the winter textures. But of course, no explanation as to how to do that. So right now I am extremely disappointed in Aerosoft and would like to know how I am supposed to switch between winter and summer textures for Aspen XP. Please advise.
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