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  1. Watching the readout more closely it seems that all of the indicators are working smoothly on the PFD except for the airspeed readout which jerks when updated and does not move smoothly.
  2. After the latest sim update installed I noticed that the readout on the PFD is not updating smoothly. For instance, during takeoff the airspeed doesn't change until around rotation speed and then abruptly updates and continues to do this during climbout. Is there a setting that I can adjust to get the PFD to update more smoothly?
  3. I decided to try installing the update through the Aerosoft Updater again. This time is seems to have worked correctly. I can move my throttles and the HUD. So reinstalling the second time seems to have fixed the issue.
  4. I just installed the latest update 1.0.4 for the CRJ for FS2020. Now I have a HUD staring me in the face and I cannot find any way to remove it. Clicking on the frame of the HUD does nothing. Update: I just installed version 1.0.1. Now the HUD moves when you click on the frame. So apparently there is a bug in their latest update. Guess I'll be flying version 1.0.1 for a while now.
  5. Well I refuse to purchase through the marketplace any more. I use the steam version and when purchasing there is no proof of purchase provided. No invoice, just a money exchange from the steam wallet to Microsoft. Which is why I purchased the CRJ directly from Aerosoft. So I guess it will be days before I can fly the aircraft because of this throttle issue.
  6. I have had a similar experience although not all of the time. Most of the time after takeoff when the aircraft is setting up the initial first leg intercept it overshoots, over corrects, back and forth for a while until it finally settles down. After that most of the time it does well but there is an issue with this autopilot over correcting. Even when the CDI is only slightly left or right of course the autopilot makes 20 to 30 degree turns to correct instead of small 10 degree or less turns. Also, it waits until the last minute to turn on course which causes the overshoot and the toggle back and forth. It would be very nice if an update could be done to the autopilot to correct this issue.
  7. I have finally worked things out and increased my knowledge of how this aircraft will react. My last ILS approach went very well and I am gaining a much better appreciation for this aircraft. Just needed to keep at it and learn the aircraft. Sorry for my whining. Thank you Aerosoft for putting out this aircraft.
  8. I was clearing the disconnects from the legs page. The problem is you can't clear the discontinuity at the end of the flight plan until after you enter a destination approach and you HAVE TO enter a destination approach or the MCDU will not function correctly. Just don't like these aircraft with all of this unnecessary automation. I much prefer the older aircraft. So far I have been extremely disappointed in the CRJ and wish I had not purchased it.
  9. This aircraft is also terrible when flying an ILS approach. You have to stay on NAV until the glideslope reaches the aircraft altitude. If you select approach before that the aircraft climbs to intercept the glideslope which is should not. Also you have to configure full flaps before intercepting the glidepath or the aircraft will climb and you will have to fight to get the aircraft back down to the glidepath and re-establish the approach. All in all a unexpected experience. After just finishing another ILS approach I have come to the conclusion that once you want to start the approach it is best to turn off this terrible autopilot and just fly it manually. If you don't you will be fighting the autopilot every step of the way.
  10. So thinking more about this I went a little too far. I will need to fly to the last fix using the MCDU and then switch over to heading mode and manually steer the aircraft along the correct flight path until intercepting the localizer since I can't rely on the MCDU to fly the approach correctly.
  11. I just tried the ILS 08 KPUB with a procedure flying to the PUB fix and then outbound. Again, when it started the procedure turn it turned the wrong way and the altitude hold on the autopilot broke lock and the aircraft started descending. So this MCDU and autopilot have no idea what to do regarding a procedure turn for an ILS approach. Such a disappointment. So this aircraft is useless to me for the time being. Will sideline this and fly the default A320 with the A32NX mod.
  12. I just tried my first approach with a procedure turn (ILS Y or LOC RWY 19 KJAC) and it was a disaster. The MCDU and autopilot simply got lost and couldn't figure out what to do. It started the outbound leg and got to the point to start a PT. It made the turn in the wrong direction from that depicted on the MFD and then just kept going. At this point what does one do? I switched to heading mode and turned the aircraft back toward the final approach course but of course the MCDU was stuck on the PT so it wouldn't move from that and I ended up flying the approach manually. Once on the ILS course and glidepath I tried engaging the autopilot and selected APPR and that didn't go well. You can't turn off the ALT lock so when you engage the autopilot it wants to climb to the last altitude set so I couldn't get the aircraft to descend. There should be a way to turn off the ALT so I can engage APPR. I know that I only got it two days ago and have a lot to learn but I am starting to dislike the autopilot in this aircraft. I'm going to try some more approaches that have procedure turns and see if I experience the same issue.
  13. I will try that but I though I was in the legs page when I was clearing the discontinuities. But I'll look at it again.
  14. I have a flight plan (KDEN FQF LUFSE ADANE DRAKE KPUB) that I like to fly. I set up on runway 34R at KDEN and have that runway entered into the MCDU. During the takeoff run the PFD is showing the first waypoint at FQF. After takeoff the waypoint changes to LUFSE without me changing anything and I'm headed away from FQF. Why is this thing doing this and how do I fix it?
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