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  1. sorry for double post. mods please delete this one, thanks
  2. CRJ from a beta tester, South Bimini, The Bahamas .
  3. CRJ from a beta tester, South Bimini, The Bahamas .
  4. Good day Mathijs from PhotoSim Labs,

    You probably have never heard of me or my work, but I have been trying to develop the Bahamas area for the past couple of years. There is nothing that comes close to the Twin otter as being the perfect aircraft for the area, both as a regular plane and as a seaplane. The lack of liveries for that area however is hindering my use of the Twin Otter in all of my promotional pictures, hence my question, besides asking in different sites (no luck so far), would you be able to get someone started in two or three liveries for the area? It would help you as well once my scenery packages start coming out. I know you are quite busy, but hope you can take a minute to get back to me. Just in case here is my facebook page, maybe it can give you an idea of what I am trying to create. Thanks!!




    Bernardo Bersik.

    PhotoSim Labs

  5. Hi Mathijs, I have been enjoying FSX and to some degree P3D for some years now. I first gave FS2004 to my son as a gift, but once he became and "adult" he decided he had more important things to do, so I "inherited" FS2004 and was hooked since. Anyway, I have always been a fan of photoreal scenery, and I am in the process of finalizing parts of the Bahamas in LOD16 detail, I posted a thread at flightsim for which I am enclosing a link,


    I am not looking for an advertising venue for ego, I am too old for that, but would like to offer this scenery to you as a complement to your excellent airports. I have also thought that a lot of people do not like to have photoreal scenery that covers a whole country, either because it takes too much space, or because at 35,000 feet, default is ok, however, at least for me, when you are on approach at around 10,000 feet, its nice to look out and see true to live scenery. For that reason I have started creating high quality photoreal around some airports that extends 100 kilometers more or less, depending on the area. For example, I am developing Rome presently, which goes north to Porto Santo, south to Anzio, and east to Avezzano. Should you want, I can work on creating the same for other airports you create.

    Best regards,

    Bernardo Gorbercik.

  6. Thanks again, someone at flightsim just pointed memo Amazon.de
  7. Hi, thanks. I know it is outdated, but there is nothing newer that is an equivalent, is there?
  8. Hi Thorsten, Thanks for the prompt reply. We have a lot of addons installed in FSX, I mean a lot. I bought a computer for him about a month ago so that he can have FSX as well as FS9, and the only problem we had so far was with Level D 767, where upon selecting the plane FSX would get a "fatal error" and shut down. We went back and forth with the Level D forum and had to uninstall the whole FSX and addons and reinstall. It worked and now the Level D 767 works fine. It seems to me that this is a problem on your end, as there are a few posts here detailing the exact same problem. We installed the product according to the guidelines, we even turned off UAC, uninstalled and reinstalled it. Something is not right here and we, meaning all of those who have the same problem, need aerosoft to help us find a solution. BTW, Cuzco X is at the top of the library. Thanks!!
  9. Have you come back from vacation yet? My son has the same isssues regarding the plane showing up about 5 meters above ground, we need this addressed and solved. also, the scenery takes much longer to load than Lukla or any megascenery airport. Please answer the question regarding the elevation, we have tried the mesh "solution" and it makes no difference.
  10. Hi, I do love the Aerosoft EDDM scenery, bu for some reason I don't seem to have much in AI airplanes. I use WOAI and have most airlines installed and traffic to 100%. Could someone offer advice? EDIT: I tried opening FS2004 at 0900 to see what AI showed up. There was considerable more parked traffic but not much lined up for take-off. However I did notice that there were ZERO B747"s anywhere in the airport, and I did try at noon and at 5pm as well. Why are there no 747's?
  11. Oliver hi, This is a screenshot of Las Vegas using his scenery. I have photoreal scenery that is 4,7 as well, and there is a huge difference between the 2,2 and this. In fact, BlueSkyScenery for Oahu has some parts at 2,2 and some at 4,7 and with the 2,2 you can actually almost read the plates on the ground, it is that good. I am aware of FS2004 limitations, like the water textures, etc, but maybe this is not one???
  12. Thanks for your reply Oliver, you have cleared the confusion about the pictures. I have a question about your comments regarding FS2004 being limited to 4,7m/pixel. I don't know if you are familiar with BlueSkyScenery, but they create photoreal sceneries for FS2004 (western US) and the resolution is 2,2m/pixel, I have it installed and works great on my system although a bit slow, so why then wouldn't the Ibiza resolution work on FS2004? Thanks!!
  13. Hi, I am looking to get the Balearic Islands scenery, how is this different from your Menorca scenery or Ibiza scenery sold as stand alone? Also, some of your screenshots are clearly marked FS2004 and some FSX, but there are quite a few that are not. Are the unmarked ones implying that those screenshots are for FS2004 and FSX BTW I am running FS2004
  14. That is too bad, I was really hoping it would. If you read this post, how about Antalya?
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