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  1. Is there any update to this topic? I am having the same issue, only with the PL2WIN variants of the A319. Thanks in advance
  2. After entering the takeoff speeds into the MCDU manually, I get the message of "T.O. Speeds too low" when pressing the T.O. config button (see image). I can still take off successfully with the manual speeds, however the t.o. config is never ticked off on the checklists (I have to skip this item each time on the automatic checklist). If I use the speeds calculated by the bus on the perf page this does not happen, however as this does not take into account the takeoff shift for intersection departures I choose to input the speeds manually for intersection departures. I have tried to search around to see if this problem already exists but havent found anything, so any help would be great if I am doing something wrong! This occurs in the A320 & A321, I have the latest version ( installed and use it in P3D v5.1
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