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  1. hi! The water is indeed a bit dark, I'll look into this if the photoscenery needs to be recompiled in the future. I've attached a bgl file that should solve the issue with the missing road traffic, place it inside the "...\Vaernes V2.0\Scenery" folder and let me know if that solves your problem. ENVA_Library_CarTraffic.BGL
  2. Hi, the scenery is v5 compatible. Can you verify that this is the content of the SODE folder located here ...\Configuration Tool\Library\SODE The .cfg file is what the configuration tool looks for to verify that the optional SODE files are installed.
  3. Hi Stephen, thanks for the screenshot! It does indeed look like the updated configuration tool files are placed incorrectly, try merging the content of the "Configuration Tool" folder inside the SimObjects folder with the original that's in the sub folder of the Cologne root folder. The update only included changes in the configuration tool, so no other changes should be needed. I'll try and get some info from those that know more of the inner workings of the updater why this is happening.
  4. Also to add to this the configuration tool should be at version 1.3 if the scenery has been updated correctly, not 1.2. With version 1.3 the bottom line in the configuration tool controls both the SODE jetways and VGDS.
  5. Hi, thanks! I'll look into this and update the parking positions based on new layout.
  6. Hi, I've attached a temporary fix for this issue in this post,
  7. Hi, there's an image file that was missing from the update, this zip file includes the missing image. EDDK_1.0.7.5.zip
  8. Hi, It looks like the sim is unable to find the textures needed for Trondheim, is the scenery installed in the "...\Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\" folder or in a different location? If you look in the texture folders located here "...\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Misc\SODE_ENVA\" you'll find multiple texture.cfg files that you can open in notepad and verify that the paths to the Trondheim Texture folders are correct.
  9. Hi, have you installed Prepar3Dv4 hotfix 2 ( This was an issue present in previous versions causing incorrect display of scenery objects using PBR that was resolved with hotfix 2.
  10. Hi, can you post the photoscenery settings you use in the scenery's configuration tool and also which month the screenshot was taken.
  11. Here's a small update that changes the AFCAD and taxiway signs to the current runway numbers. TromsoX_CurrentRunwayNumbers_2019.zip
  12. And you have P3Dv4.5 hotfix 2 installed? This isn't an elevation issue but an error in the P3D code regarding the placement of the 3D models vertices, as you can see it's not just floating in the air but warped as well. if you havn't installed hotfix 2 I would recommend you to do so.
  13. Hi, I would recommend installing the hotfix 2 for Prepar3Dv4.5 ( since that hotfix resolves some issues related to PBR textures / models in sceneries.
  14. Hi, for ENAT there was a missing entry for the windsock model in the "sim.cfg" file, replace the old one located in "...\SimObjects\Misc\SODE_ENAT" with the one included in this zip file. ENAT SODE windsock fix.7z
  15. Hello Gary, you need to activate the scenery in the Aerosoft Launcher, that should solve your problem
  16. Hello Adam. Turning the "Aircraft cast shadows on the ground" setting off should fix your problem. Happy holidays!
  17. Looks like you haven't activate the scenery in the Aerosoft launcher
  18. Hi everyone, I had to finish a FAA checkride before I could complete the scenery. Now that that's out of the way I'm doing the finishing touches to the scenery. Hopefully if everything goes according to plan, the beta round should start next Monday.
  19. Hi torjorg Are you running FSX in DX10 preview? If so try turn it off.
  20. I'm going to include different types of detail1 textures. So if you don't want the friction pattern on the ground you can choose another one All the shelters are included and animated: In ENBseries I use the config file Nick shared here
  21. It's correct the ground textures have been completely re-done, the detail of the taxiways/apron are now controlled by the detail map, the one shown in the screens above is the default FSX detail map. What I'm going to do is include a couple of different detail maps you can choose from. I'll post a screenshot with the custom detail map later today.
  22. Some up to date screens. Those are actually the default lights, though I use the ENBSeries which reduces the size of the lights
  23. Two screenshots of the old jetways
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