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  1. I second this. Especially in NAV/FMS mode the AFSC fails to follow the flight director frequently. Second issue that I have seen is although you get a green GS indicating a glideslope capture the aircraft routinely goes lower then the GS never attempting to reintercept it as well as the flight director continues to drive you at about 3 degrees downward.
  2. Hello, I am currently running Aerosoft CRJ7/9 with the latest update and using Navigraph update. When I confirm the dates in the FMC it shows the current cycle however when I attempt to load the SIDS and STARS it shows older versions. I also have attempted to load flightplans built in simbrief also with the latest cycle and receive "Load Error" due to the fact that the cycle on the FMS although shows correct is actually not. Very frustrating. PMDG aircraft have no issues and show the current database.
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