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  1. Oh wow very nice, Looking forward to it
  2. Nevermind got it already, A program named Aerotow
  3. Hi there, I see that aero-tow plane, is that a special program. Because I always get that cessna or something. Any add-ons for that? Greets, Sébastien B. And the Video looks amazing, just almost real
  4. Ah wonderfull, I am looking forward to it .
  5. I have exactly the same problem.. Any help here ?
  6. Hi there again, Have made another screen to show you. Now you also can see the NL2000 v4 textures showing op on the right. But on the left top you see the Aerosoft texture ways, and normal textures from Aerosoft. Still didn't found any solution does it has to deal with some configuration settings like Texture resolution ? Image : Greets, Sébastien bourier
  7. Don't have any meshes installed except NL 2000 v4, have checked them out also and even that doesn't give a solution. Also 3rd pary scenery is no chance for because I don't have any EHAM scenery. Maybe someone know how to install EHAM aerosoft above NL2000 v4?
  8. Wow, Wonderfull screens, I'm a glider pilot myself and this looks really stunning. Since you guys are making gliders, I really love your work
  9. I'm pretty sure I don't have any other afcad. But maybe NL2000 v4 Installs a new afcad, I don't know. But the map is in the highest position, and it still doesn't work.
  10. Hi there, Everywhere where I taxi and Land in this scenery, I get my default textures (like parkingplaces, taxiways, and runways) flickering through the Aerosoft Scenery. As example : Anyone has a solution ? Greets, Sébastien Bourier. Btw. The scenery is running better now something like 20 - 30 fps
  11. Well, almost the most airlines But I was missing one airline the BMI! ! for the request please, British Midland !
  12. That's the BXA whahahaha (6)! can't wait
  13. It looks like im standing At rotterdam myself ! If is see that first screen . Very nice Keep going.
  14. On the website of the Designer there is standing the release will be end February, Could you still confirm that? Thank you
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