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  1. The manual is in \FSX\Aerosoft\PBY_Catalina\Manual.pdf ~13,5 MB Dieter
  2. Hello Aerosoft-Team, I just downloaded your latest Twin Otter X update V 1.21 I found in your suport-database. Installation was successful. Thanks for this service! Greetings Dieter
  3. I bought my download version long time ago at www.pcaviator.com I updated via aerosoft support database. My version is "Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter 1.11 + Aerosoft Sound Controls ReadMe" Is this the same as version 1.20? Greetings Dieter
  4. Well, actually, I expected an explanation of the expert, not a counter-question. I personally find it funny / strange when a propeller spins silently. Dieter
  5. After engine shut down, the engine sound stops while the propeller is still turning some seconds. That's strange. Is there a workaround or an improvement available? Dieter
  6. Well, thanks for answer. It seems that I couldn't make myself clear enough. No problem with the switching itself, one can set every number. The problem ist following: When I park the Wilga at EPWA, there's an ADF close by AY WARSAW 375kHz. Aircraft type ROSTO To receive the station's signal I have to set ADF2 selector (tens) to 380, then I ADF selctor units to 5. Now I receive the signal ADF1 is ok with setiing 370 + 5 Aircraft type Peresvet-Aero: ADF1 wrong, ADF2 ok Dieter
  7. I experienced a problem (on my system) with the Wilga ADF (version 1.1). Therefore I set an additional standard MS radio stack for cross checking. Result: Following problem (error(?)) found: ADF1 selector switching is wrong i.e., any frequency you want to set, you have to add "10" digitals. (example, necessary frequency is 332 you have to set 342 and so on to get ADF1 working correctly) Dieter
  8. Looking at the results at this time I noticed that my system is still up-to-date for the next future. Greetings Dieter
  9. I'm one of the lucky winners and I thank Aersosoft Company for the prize. Dieter
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