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  1. Thanks Heinz, I saw that, it is just not there what I need, but will continue struggling with x-plane until can't anymore... Cheers Luiz
  2. Former Military and current Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine aircraft and some Helicopter experience.

  3. Dear Heinz. Problem solved...I purchased a new graphics card and all working well. Can you provide the last tip for me? I just want to know where I can print a Keyboard Short Cut for the X-Plane, as I am used to Microsoft FX and it was so much easier. Thanks Luiz
  4. Thanks Heinz, I will upgrade my video card and see the results. I will advise. Cheers Luiz
  5. Hello Heinz...I am home and sending you the LOG.TXT file. Thank you so much for your help. Cheers Luiz Log.txt
  6. Thank you Heinz, I will do that tonight when I am home. Regards Luiz.
  7. Hello and thank you in advance for any input. I am new to XP, however I have been using MS FSX for several years and have quite a good experience with aircraft sim. So, my XP11, just purchased, after install, I get a message that my Nividia Graphic needs update and XP can run without the update, as it is just a warning... I will start XP, the loading process starts, and when finished, message comes back again and it closes, thus unable to start the simulator. I installed directly into my C: root. I have updated after installation I use WIN 10 Home My PC is powerful enough (latest) I have no issues with FSX sim, even though I uninstalled before installing XP (mistake?) MY NIVIDIA was updated to the latest driver and soft pack... STILL THE SAME BEHAVIOR... Please assist, very frustrating... Thank you Luiz
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