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  1. Of course I understand that but I have still no idea why there is no simply button to unclick the sale % and add the 50% from the upgrade service to the normal, not sale price or anything like that. Makes absolutely no sense for me. Now I have to wait until the sale is over although I could get the upgrade price. Not really customer friendly in my view.
  2. Got this one " Airbus A31x/32x " Why is it not possible to remove the sale % and add the % of the upgrade service?! It's just senseless. I'm sure I'm not the first having this problem.
  3. Hello, I would like to use the upgrade service for buying the new airbus A320 professional. I can't use my Serial number of the older Airbus X because the Professional version is in the sale now. Can anyone help me? Sale is 20% and the upgrade service would be 50% for me. Thanks for your reply. Greetings Dennis
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