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  1. I have checked...You right...it's normal...I just was curious anyway thanks everyone for help.
  2. The fix solved problem....thanks masterhawk but I found something extra...for example a little bit strange RWY.....and there is much more. I know with this strange let say mosaic is not problem but I just wonder is it normal or some issues?
  3. Hello.After instal LSZH for p3DV5 strange scenery. Almost everywhere around airport there is contaier terminal and at real airports there is no container terminal even at default airport there is no such strange scenery.
  4. ok, I am not an expert in this field, How can I check AFCADs, is there some program?I have instaled FTX Norway as well, with last one version wasn't any problems...
  5. Yes, If You mean settings at Configuration Tool.
  6. Hello. Why doesn't it show all the vehicles in GSX2 at Trondheim airport ... and if I bring the camera closer, some are under the plane or the plane above them ... whoever prefers. I only have this problem at ENVA other airports flawlessly.With old one ENVA I didn't have any problems.Any advise?
  7. Hello.It's the same problem with radio panel, when I want insert for example GAR for VOR I get two option as well I select one of them and GAR is not inserted.....with only one avalible VOR like KAK or KAX it's ok.Regards.
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