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  1. Did a quick load in with the CRJ. HUD is stuck down. Textures seem to be okay. Was annoyed with the HUD. Shelving it for now, will wait for the update.
  2. This been seen before? Started with SU5. Flashing, grainy, textures in cockpit.
  3. +1 ILS issues for me. did not follow the GS, went missed due to mins... vectored back around. NAV1 on source, APPR mode active, AP did not intercept the LOC or GS.
  4. +1 on this. Its happened twice since the last update. VNAV just busts through wtvr setting you have in ALT or any restrictions in the FMC.
  5. Confirmed - has this coming out of CYYZ, DEDKI4 RW5, initial WP after the departure vectors was at the end of the procedure.
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