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  1. Thanks for taking the time to figure out what your customer base is working with A lot of companies create their games with the latest and greatest and when it's time to sell them not everyone gets to experience it the same way...
  2. How will this Huey compare to the one done by Nemeth Designs? Can a beta tester give us a taste of what to expect?
  3. Congrats Ole!! I did it in AME's forums, now I get to congratulate you here too!
  4. Good read! I finally got around to it. All these coming changes are exciting, I can't wait to see them all. And one day soon I hope to show up for an online event, I have so many ol' warbirds to show off
  5. You did help! Thank you very much, I appreciate it!
  6. Hey, Thank you very much for your answer. I did take a look at that .pdf file you linked to, and yes, I couln't understand what it was saying =) Is there an English or French version somewhere? Or would you mind explaining it to me? Thank you very much!
  7. Hi, I would suggest you go to www.andrasfield.com and go to their forum (same login/password as Aerosoft's main forum). You will find a wealth of information there. Mainly, they use a server on Virtual Aviation Experience (http://www.virtual-aviation.org/main/) , and Teamspeak for communication. You will find fly-ins, flying lessons, the official Andras Field VA (Andras Meridian Airlines), etc. Hope this helps!
  8. Hi guys, I was wondering about the compatibility of two different sceneries? I was interested in VFR Germany North, and German Airfields 1 - Island Hopping. Are these two complementary? If I buy the VFR Germany North only, are the airports from German Airfields 1 included in the VFR scenery (or maybe at least a lower rendition of them) ? As far as German Airfields 1, is the area covered by the scenery (as shown in the #1 box at http://www.aerosoft.com/cgi-local/us/iboshop.cgi?showd480!60,5608756110,10589) all photorealistic, or is it just custom airports + photo scenery on airport grounds and in close proximity? Thank you for your help!
  9. ATC courses sound fun. I've joined VATSIM but never tried it, as it felt like the first hurdle was just too big, everyone was way past my level... If there were ATC courses I would love that, ATC communication courses for pilots as well as how to guide aircraft from the ground. I can't wait to see what kind of training you come up with!
  10. Area51 just came up with a U-2... My vote is on the A4 Skyhawk! But if you want military aircrafts there are others that would be nice out there: Mirage 2000, Rafale, Harrier, etc.
  11. Hey guys, Thinking of adding some VFR Germany elements to my scenery library. In which region does Andras Field fall in, VFR Germany South, or VFR Germany West? I'd rather buy the one that includes Andras Field within its realm... Thanks for the help!
  12. Definitely count me in, I live for vintage warbirds and have many in my library. How would this Society work in Andras Field?
  13. Adding .zip worked! Thanks!
  14. Just tried that link on the main page of Andras Field, it is corrupted. The 13.2mb download was over in a second in a file type that is not an .exe...
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