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  1. I'm seeing something similar with the A330, I added the test file that was published today to resolve the hand flying final approach issue and enroute twice I had violent pitch up's accompanied by an AP disconnect, in one of these events the airplane climbed 3000 feet and would not respond to my pushover on the controls with AP disconnected and the captain voice kept saying "lights" as if we were transitioning through 10,000 feet.
  2. Good Evening All! First off, wow... This airplane is impressive at first glance and I am not off the gate as of yet. I am pref flighting right now to start a regional hop from CYYZ and when I go to initiate entering flight information, I enter CYYZ/KRSW and it asks me to enter the grid coordinates of KRSW as if the airport is not in the database, so I switched to KRSW/CYYZ and it wont acknowledge CYYZ in the system now but does admit that KRSW is there. Is this something anyone else is seeing?
  3. Hi Hans, I hope you are doing well! I am running into the same scenario right now in FSX as well. Will try loading the skychicken then crj and report back. Cheers
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