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  1. I'd just like to add that I have fixed this issue after discovering that after installing my new graphics card and deleting my FSX.CFG so it could re-write a new cfg, the traffic dissapeared again. I then compared this .cfg to an old backed up one and discovered this line was missing from the [MAIN] section in FSX.CFG SimObjectPaths.6=MyTraffic\aircraft I then added this line to my new FSX.CFG and everything was restored. Hope this helps people
  2. I can add that I have had this problem several times with and the only fix I have found is a complete re-install of FSX. It was just Airliner AI that was missing, there was still some civillian traffic.
  3. Thanks for the reply, just wandered as more and more computers now run fsx smoother in dx10 and other software developers have made patches for products that had dx10 issues.
  4. Hi folks, just wandering if there is any plans to update mega airport heathrow to make it dx10 compatible as it is annoying not being able to fly into or out of this great airport at night because most of the buildings are just grey. Just a quick query that's all. Thanks Gavin Price
  5. ok thanks for the fast reply and support.
  6. Hi there, I haven't actually managed to get the services menu to appear whilst parked up at the gate. After setting the brakes and turning off the engines I see it quickly flash up but then dissapear. I've tried deleting the vistamere folder from fsx and then re-opening AESHelp, and have also checked to see that in AESHelp 'FSX' is displayed in front of all the airports I have activated. I also have all Autogen sliders maxed. I've also tried rebooting my system after deleting the vistamare menu. Any support would be really gratefully appreciated. Gavin Price
  7. Hi there! I'm having issues with my recent purchase of Mega Airport Heathrow for FSX. When fying at night most of the building textures are just plane grey. Some aren't i.e. Terminal 5. Here are some screenshots The only other addon installed at the moment is PMDG 747X Any help will be gratefully appreciated. Gavin Price
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