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  1. Hi Hans! Many thanks for your so quick answer... For your information, i have installed the last updated version yesterday evening with the Aerosoft Updater.... But as i told you, the problem is still remaining.... I think that i will uninstall and reinstall properly the CRJ via my shop JustFligh account... perhaps this will fix definitivly this problem I will keep you informed. Best regards. Yves.
  2. Good afternoon, I am writing from LYON / France (But my english is not so perfect!!) I am a regular user of Aerosoft CRJ700 / 900. The latest update was made via the Aerosoft Updater. My config: FSX boxed, Windows 10/64 bit family edition, two ssd 250 G and one hard drive 1 tera, 16 gigas ram. I have been in contact for some time with Tom Wellige (Aerosoft - Support Service) who advised me to post my problem on this forum. Despite this long-awaited new update, it seems unfortunately that my problem is still not solved .... Howev
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