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  1. Can someone make this? COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please read the first post in this topic!
  2. Yep, 7208 version with 1912 Airac ( maybe airac problem?? do i have to update this to the what i use on 330?) Also my problem started when i see 80kt tailwind on my nd btw [ Just for the inform ]
  3. Similar problem happened, at 240 over Luxembourg 30m ago (While i'm descending ) aircraft increased thrust again instead of decreasing It was different, i tried to extend speed brakes and it worked well but aircraft can't keep speed again ( managed mode ) it has to keep speed at 220 but i had to do it myself again
  4. Old version of 330, Using your active sky preset right now, P3D Settings is similar as yours
  5. I've just updated the latest version and tried new active sky config with new graphic settings anddd seems okay right now... except one thing fps is much better with the old versions 🤔
  6. I didn't even touch my as settings ( I've been using Realism preset since i bought active sky 🤔 ) I did a flight today from LSGG-LFPG and i just felt like i'm flying with a shit... And i cannot see any transitions is that normal?
  7. I'm using Active sky, When the weather becomes bad aircraft going crazy. For ex: On the open descent/normal descent(desc path) aircraft has to keep speed at 250 ( can't keep it on managed speed as well) because of the restrictions butttt on the bad weather aircraft can't keep speed at 250, i'm extending speed brakes to help aircraft but when i do that aircraft increases thrust instead of decreasing it to the idle so aircraft can't keep speed on bad weather. [ Same situation happened 3 times ]I don't know what to do i need help
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