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  1. Not to do a moderator's job, but this forum section is for City Bus Simulator 2010. But this might help: http://translate.goo...ient%26id%3D280
  2. Here is their new "forum". www.tml-edition.com/index.php?do=/ But I didn't find anything on there about CBS 2010. All of the talk on there is about Bus Simulator 2012.
  3. I know why it's down. TML decided to replace it a Facebook style forum (why? - no idea). I have yet to get a response to my question on there. Most probably because everyone there speaks German and doesn't really care for people who "sprechen englisch."
  4. The link is still down. I think it'll be easier if the information was posted here instead of linked to. Thank you!
  5. So, I just want to see if the link still works, but the link is down now. I don't what happened, but I hope it's back up when I'm on break.
  6. Thanks for the link. I'll take a look at it when I go back home for spring break. I just started classes today.
  7. Hello. I have a Logitech G27. When I try to use it when driving, the steering is off. For example, if I make a hard right turn (which actually would be pretty bad driving), the game takes it time to turn right. Then when I center the steering wheel, the game takes a while to center the bus wheel. I tried installing 1.4.1, but it says that I don't have 1.3 installed. So I reinstalled 1.3, but it still does not work. I do not know what is going wrong. EDIT: Because I am away for classes, I will not be able to fix this problem until mid-March. But please, I need help fixing this.
  8. I bought City Bus Simulator from a store. It came with a registration key, so it's not a bad copy. I installed it, but need to register it. Window asks me for the reg. key and a "last name". How do I find out what this is? Thank you.
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