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  1. If you search Google for FS2020Creation you might find a topic called: Red and white aviation warning lights Not sure, but maybe there's the hint you are looking for. Cheers Ralf
  2. Also Düsseldorfer (vollkommen andere Sprachzone) sagt ich jetzt mal nur soviel: Recht haste ;-) Ralf
  3. @Pilot_Edouard: This is indeed strange. I did never had such an experience in any of the Aerosoft Airbus Packages. And I had a few of them, since the very first release until now with the A330 under P3Dv5. Unfortunately you did not mention anything helpful like your Flightsim-Version, Windows Version, do you use FSUIPC or any "Yoke-Software" (like "TARGET" or whatever...) Since there are so many Airbus Professional Pilots without this issue, I would say it is nearly impossible to help you. But I'm only just another user... In the end a fresh PC setup and a fresh Flightsim setup will fix nearly all issues. Thats the way I personally do it 3-5 times per year... Ralf
  4. I neeed to say: I'm absoluty glad and satisfied with the A333 in P3Dv5. Works smooth, doesn't consume to much CPU or GPU. And best of all: Everything is working! With the P4Dv4 Version I had a lot of trouble with different issues. For example: So many times I had a non working Elevator after connecting to IVAO and wasted 20-30min... But In P3Dv5 I can't really complain. Thank you Aerosoft and Developers! Ralf P.S. Of course I have the same wish, that many others have, but I understand, you don't have the resources to do it: A330-200. Just had a flight EHAM->SAEZ in the A333, but after more than 13hours I had to land (sailing) somewhere in Uruguay, without any drop of fuel left... So anything beyond 6000nm still needs a Boeing, which is too bad...
  5. Hi Charlieg. Please have a look at :P3DV5 ND and EFB zoomed In the end you need to install some Airbus-fonts into WIndows, specially designed for those digits.You will find a package to download under that other topic. Cheers Ralf
  6. Bingo! That's it. Working fine now. Danke Otto! Ralf
  7. No. Clean setup without v4. I was guessing that too. Others might already had the fonts installed from their previous version 😉
  8. Windows 10 Pro Version 1909 Installiert am 30.04.2020 Betriebsystembuild 18363.836
  9. I don't have those. I already searched 3 times for any airbus.ttf and .otf. (Unfortunalety I can't open the .EXE using WinRAR. I was trying to find it within the EXE 😉 but that's not possible.) Ralf
  10. Yes, I can confirm, still too big fonts. I don't have Steam, I ran "twice" as administrator, as the default installer just does it and of course there has been a re-boot. Still don't understand why the other topic has been locked, as we are talking about different issues. This here was about the zoom in the ND and my topic was about the too large digits. But OK, now this here is a mixture of two different issues... 1 solved and one not solved. Ralf
  11. And by the way: Why has my other topic been closed without a solution? I still have too large digits 😞 Ralf
  12. I didn't had that issue. Then I tried to set COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=0 (standard setting) and I get this same zoomed display too. Switching back to the (changed) COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1 and I get a normal display. Ralf
  13. Of course I did a re-boot as the re-boot is required by the installer. OK, what is/are the name of the font/s ? I simply would look if I have it/them installed. I guess you are aware that A2A had a similar issue. They suggested to set the COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1 instead of default 0 Ralf
  14. Hello. Thanks a lot for releasing the A330 for P3Dv5. Unfortunately I just run into an issue. As you can see on this screenshot: All digits (like for Heading, Speed, Altitude...) are way too big. I already use COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1 in the Prepared.cfg (...appdata/roaming...) Is it only me having this issue? Ralf
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