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  1. yep! I most certainly did! in fact i had a problem with the Nice scenery as well. Could running the activator be the problem?
  2. I recently purchased Keflavik for FSX and upgraded my Nice airport to to the latest version for FSX. Since i just purchased the Keflavik airport, and test flying it(it was beautiful) I decided to fly into that scenery with my VA. I was quite shocked (and VERY upset) to see nothing but MS default scenery! So, after i shut down FSX and submitted my flight report, I decided to look at the scenery folder. I noticed that ALL of my *.bgl flies had another extension added called *.blob. This has happened to my updated nice airport scenery files as well. I had to reinstall Nice. As I thought it might be a one time thing, I didn't think too much of it. But, this has happened to two of my airports. Now, I would like to find a solution to the problem so that my airport scenery files are not getting renamed,and causing me to manually rename them or reinstall the scenery. Any ideas on what to do to stop the process of my scenery bgl files spontaneously being renamed with the *.blob extension? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I just purchased your scernery for Santorini and when I went to download it, the link was broken. Can the link be repaired? Yhta scenery looks very nice and I would like ot use it. Thank yopu very much in advance.
  4. I have just spent a ton of money for Aerosoft sceneries for FSX as I felt that this company produces top quality tox quality scenery for FS9/FSX. Now, I would like to purchase AES credits so that I can use all of th docking & ground features for these wonderful airports. In the advertisement this is what I saw If you bought between 3 and 6 credit packs you get 1 free credit per credit pack you bought (so 10% additional free credits).If you bought 6 credit packs you get 2 free credits per credit pack (so 20% additional credits).If you bought 9 credit packs you get 3 free credits per credit pack (so 30% additional credits). If you bought 15 credit packs you get 4 free credits per credit pack (so 40% additional credits).In order to get all of my airports working with AES, I think I will need to purchase about 10 credit packs. My question is this, would I need to purchase those 10 credits at one time(1 transaction) in order to get the extra free credits per pack? Or can those purchases be spread out over several transactions? I ask that because I was trying to purchase multiple credit packs on this website, and when I could not do that, I tried at another website, which I could NOT do there as well. Please forgive me of this sounds like a stupid questions, But, I would just like to purchase what I need to purchase. Thanks in advance for answering my question.
  5. Be warned. You will get a lot of opinions on this questions. So, please understand that what I am saying is just an opinion with some personal observations. First, if you want to get the most FPS, and money is no object, then get yourself a Intel based PowerMac G5. You will be able to get around 80+ FPS including the most complex sceneries and aircraft FSX has to offer. Now, here is the catch. That rig will cost around $7000 to $9500 depending on the options you get. That is just for the computer hardware alone!!! GHowever, you will enjoy FSX so much, that someone will most likely have to blast you away from your computer because the performance for FSX on that machine is impressive!!!!! And yes, I have personally witnessed this performance at the store with complex aircraft and scenery as the guy was kind enough to let me see what my wild FSX fantasy looked like. Everybody that saw that demo was amazed. Even people who don't play that game wanted to go out and get that game. It really was an impressive demo. Even they were thinking of buying the software with some addons just to demo what that computer could do. Now, back to reality as most people will not spend that much just for a gaming computer. 1st, I do think FPS is important, but for me, it is oimportant enough so that the illusion of flight is not spoiled. How much FPS is needed to have that illusion? Television is USA is shot at 30 FPS, and movies are shot at 24 FPS. That being said, if you are able to maintain that fps with complex aircraft and complex scenery on multiple monitors, then most people (w/o monitoring software, will not be able to "see" the difference between 30-35 fps and 80 fps in FSX. In my gaming group, we get together about once a month, so I have had a chance to see some cool rigs. If you are overclocking, for the money that a i7 975 Extreme costs, you will really see that much more performance than an overclocked i7 920, 860, 870, or 940, or 950 as ALL of those processors run in the 4 ghz to 4.5 ghz range for 24/7 operation.(even though the gamers in our group don't run their overclocked computer 24/7) The personal experience of people in our gaming group has taught us that while liquid cooling may run cooler, there are also plumbing leaks. Any of these leaks could harm or destroy your computer as that has happened to a couple people in our group. So, now, everybody is running air. Thermalright is a good heatsink choice, but, there are others out there as well. Also, I will say that I have the slowest computer in the gaming group as mine is NOT overclocked. But, I will be getting a new machine that I do intend to overclock. But, I want to say that the people in our group have computers ranging from an i5 750 to a i7 975 extreme. They have allowed me to install FSX with some complex addons as a test fps performance. The performance was very similiar, and in some cases I could not tell the difference between the overclocked i7 975 extreme and the i7 950. The reason for that was the final overclocked speed of the chip. While the i7 975 extreme is the easiest to overclock, the final speed (for safe long term operation) was about 4.5 or 4.6. He could get a higher speed, but not a speed that he felt comfortable with. The price of that chip does not make him feel like he wants to risk a suicide run in overclocking. BTW, he has air-cooling. After seeing the collective experience in my gaming group, I have concluded that a good and SAFE goal for my machine is 4.2-4.5 ghz. You can do that on a i7 870, 920, 950, maybe even an 860 or even a i5 750. But, the i5 750 does not have hyperthreading, which can make a difference if you run multiple applications while playing FSX. The Lynnfield processors do run cooler than the 920 series. There is so much information on this subject that I think the best thing to do is to just provide you with a link to some really good places that talk about this subject in super-detail. Also, you want ot do a search on the interent for a guy named "NickN" and "FSX" . He is really considered to be a expert when it comes to FSX and computers for FSX. http://www.simforums.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=29041 http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=3634&p=14&cp=32 http://anandtech.com/weblog/showpost.aspx?i=647 Try these three out for now I hope that my information has helped you some.
  6. I am really looking forward to the release of this airport. I always thought that this was such a beautiful airport in real life. I look forward to flying this airport in FSX. I know that you guys will do a good job on it. My credit card is waiting.
  7. I can see that. I started using Flight Simulator as a corporate pilot in the mid 1990's with FS95 to practice landing at airports that I had never been to in order to familiarize myself with landing approaches at that airport. Granted, the scenery was not very good, so, I could only make instrument approaches. But, I have seen the VFR scenery take a GIANT leap forward. This is especially for FSX. Even though I like to fly the airliners for my VA, FSX has gotten to the point where where a person can fly VFR as well. So, it is very easy to see the appeal. I do have a couple of friends of mine who do use it for VFR practice for the areas they live in because the FSX scenery is good enough to contain many of the landmarks that actually exist in real life. Frankly, I am very impressed by the VFR scenery I have seen. I have another friend that has ALL of Aerosofts' city scenery for the USA. I have been to his house an the scenery is AWESOME!!! Great job Aerosoft!!! It is really awesome ot fly in FSX, then to actually fly over that scenery in real life. In fact, your London City scenery is so accurate, that another friend actually flew into London Heathrow recently. He has flown into Heathrow many times in FSX. He also has your London City scenery. He said that even though he had NEVER been to London in real life, that he felt an odd sense of familiarity with both driving around the airport and the city in real ife after seeing it on his computer. Even though there are no street signs in FSX, he could not believe how comfortable he felt driving around London. He stated to me and others that he has never felt that way about traveling to new cities before and that as a result of flying so many times using FSX, he felt as if he had almost been to some of the areas in London. By the way, two more people purchased your scenery within a couple of days after seeing the scenery on his computer and hearing his story. Oh well, I thought I would relate this story. You guys produce great products!!!!!! I have a question for you. Do you all plan to create airport scenery for Vienna for FSX? Also, I am surprised a little bit by this. But, it looks like the airport in Dubai has become quite popular. Do you have any plans for creating scenery for this airport as well for FSX? I do love FSX, butr the list of add-on airports while growing, (thank to Aerosoft) is still a little bit thin compared to FS2004.
  8. I am very excited about this project. My credit card is reading any waiting!
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