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  1. Is there a date for the update? Days, weeks or months? I paid 50 € like many others and cannot use the Crj for over a month. Because every flight i get a freeze and ctd. That is not acceptable! No refund is possible because it was a donwload product. I getting really angry now!
  2. I reinstall the plane too, but this didn‘t fix the problem... I can‘t do any flight without a freeze -.-
  3. Any new infos when a fix will be released. The CRJ ist not flyable, because it´s freeze every flight on ground... I have the actual version installed.
  4. I have the same issue. For example: At EKVG, i selcet RW30 and after i press the SID ODEV2N. The Simulator freeze and after a few secend a crash to Desktop. Yesterday i fly GCXO - LPMA - GCLP - GCLA without any problems. At GCLA the Sim freeze and crash to Desktop after i will select a dep. I hope this will fixed soon.
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