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  1. Can you provide an alternative download link as it's not really working for most people.
  2. P3D V4.5 And all sceneries from aerosoft don't work so LEBL EDDF LEMG etc
  3. So I have my sim installed on s separate SSD. When I install the scenery I select that drive and install the scenery into a folder in my main p3d file. This is added to my library but doesn’t show in the sim. I also tried installing it on my C drive and adding to the library. It automatically added to the library as it should but I don’t see it in the sim. This is the same for all of my aerosoft scenery but others it is fine.
  4. So I have ran the installer and given the correct details. Checked with a member of the aerosoft team. The error is the basic “email or code is incorrect” but they are correct. I have an internet connection and the FLEX64 and other FLEX services are running on automatic. Please just email me any responses. Thanks!
  5. My A320 AND 21 pretty much every time i fly will shut down at cruise and i have to put the aircraft in takeoff state to survive . This is my recording of it :
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