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  1. Mathijs and company, Just wanted to send a note to say I am thrilled with the A320/321 Professional Series, job well done. While I have been a flight simmer since the commodore 64 days, I switched to a MAC in 2010 and for the better part of 8 years was only able to use Xplane, which is wonderful in its own right. Having recently switched back to P3D V4.4, it was only just this past week that I purchased the A32X Professional Package. What a delight, it is a perfect blend of complexity intermixed with perfect graphics and a stellar frame rate.... As the lead designer for FFG in the late 90's ( yes, I am that Old ) we always wrestled with just how much complexity we could put into designing the plane vs an acceptable frame rate that makes it an overall pleasurable experience for users. I can fly the A32X series with the graphic sliders, full yet maintain 25+ frame rates in all locations. That is the magic in your design. While I do have almost all the other Airbuses, I find the Aerosoft ones give me the best overall experience. Thank you, from a grizzled flight sim veteran. Kamal
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