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  1. Found a solution. There was no point to LSGG SceneryObjects directory in add-on.xml for DDE. Thanks for help!
  2. That was EA issue for sure. I discovered it by accident. Sorry for not being here for the long time with solutions.
  3. Hello. I experience some weird issue on LSGG Professional v, probably caused by DDE. When loading scenery I got such error: What does the log say? Here we go: Funny thing. In the SimObjects of Geneva Professional V5 I have two folders: LSGG_Jetways and LSGG_Dynamic. I guess there should be folder called LSGG_Lights. Tried to rename LSGG_Dynamic folder to LSGG_Lights, copying, excluding content - no action. Reinstall didn't solve problem.
  4. Hello. On the newest version of Mega Airport Zurich on the latest P3D v5 version I have really weird issue. Even on the Majestic Dash (which is pretty light for system) I have around 5-10 FPS on the stand Any known issues with solutions? Changing settings do nothing, even disabling dynamic lights. I have also light textures installed. My PC is: i5-9600KF RTX 2060 SUPER 16 GB of RAM
  5. Hello. Recently, I noticed a problem with A330 Professional. During the long-haul flights there are many more things to do outside of the simulator. E. g. during remote university times I fly longhauls and when on cruise take part in lectures or so. The problem is that while focused on the P3D v5 window the plane on cruise have stable 40-50, sometimes even 60 FPS. But, when I move outside of the simulator window, after some time there would be a massive FPS drops. Plane on cruise drops to 8-10 FPS for few second, then get back to 40-50 for few, then again 8-10 FPS etc. Even when flying over Atantic (not many objects to load). My PC is: Intel Core i5-9600KF MSI RTX 2060 SUPER 16 GB RAM (3200Mhz) Many thanks in advance for all soultions.
  6. For me MCDU freezes both when pressing print in ATSU on MCDU or on DCDU when CPDLC message arrives. Not tested printing in AOC.
  7. Hello. I noted that there are some issues with CPDLC system into A330. First of all - it freezes MCDU (both 1 and 2) when clicking PRINT. MCDU is unusable then and I need to restart my flight. After restart I have to complete MCDU once again inflight. Second - we did some testing with guys from Gander OCA and what we found out - when Gander sends Oceanic Clearance via CPDLC there is no WILCO, STBY or something like that options to approve clearance. The only one shown on DCDU is CLOSE. So then OCA don't know if I received and read-back clearance - readback must be sent via FREE TEXT. And third - reports page is unusable for now. It says KEY/FUNC INOP. I hope it will be implemented very shortly, as it is a crucial option because of position reports. For now it has to be done via FREE TXT. Anyway - good job! We still need some fixes but it looks fabulous!
  8. While pressing PRINT it freezes MCDU for me. Newest P3D v5.1.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Custom Enter Air (ENT) PFPX OFP layout. To use the PFPX OFP template, simply copy the .txt file you downloaded to "C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\FlightplanTemplates"! Please note: This template isn't 100% accurate, but it mostly cover the real one (as of SEP 2017). Some functions are not implemented or changed due to PFPX limitations. Only private use permitted! Sharing or using into any organized or not-organized entity (such as virtual airlines or pilot associations) prior author permission only!
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