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  1. Here are the details I use in Simbrief for the A320 and A321. I have cross-referenced these from aircraft.cfg so they are reasonably accurate for our simulated aircraft. A320 IAE non-sharklet Max pax 180 OEW 43979kg MZFW 62500kg MTOW 77000kg MLW 66000kg (not defined in aircraft.cfg, so who knows!) Max fuel 19151kg Pax weight 84kg Fuel factor P03-P05 seems to give best result. A321 IAE Max pax 220 OEW 50295kg MZFW 73800kg MTOW 93500kg MLW 77800kg (not defined in aircraft.cfg) Max fuel 19151kg (w
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    P3D v4.5HF3, A32x professional, latest non-experimental version. Vol 4 - Systems of the Aerosoft documentation says on page 04-03-15: The FACs will try to detect windshear and will warn the pilot of this dangerous condition. Windshear detection is only active below 1300 feet AGL in configuration 1 or greater. When detected the flight director will show an optimal pitch attitude and the aural warning “WINDSHEAR” will be heard. Is this modelled? I don't think I've ever had a windshear callout from the bus.
  3. I remember in one of the early printer screenshots on here the landing printout showed the G force at touchdown rather than descent rate. Is it possible to switch it to G at touchdown, being a more realistic representation of whether you slammed it on like a ton of bricks or not?
  4. Does this mean that future updates of the A32X will support published database holding patterns rather than the 180 degrees reversal from last leg at present?
  5. It's nice to see others at least get the new livery manager to open. I just installed v1.3.1.0 and it doesn't even get that far. Installation process: I have the A318-319 and A320-321 as separate products. I uninstalled the A320-321 using the Windows Add/Remove Programs function. After doing that I then installed v1.3.1.0 and rebooted when the installer prompted me to do so. On clicking the Aerosoft Livery entry in the Start Menu I get the attached error message. Full error log from the error message follows: See the end of this message for details on invoki
  6. Your navdata seems to be out of date, the TIMBA 4B STAR was renamed KUNAV 1G in October 2019. Which transition ('via' in the FMGC) did you select? It looks like you didn't select one at all because from the intercept angle it seems as if you're trying to fly from TIMBA waypoint (down to the south east from EGKK) direct to the IAF. The transition takes you around from the last STAR waypoint to line up with the runway fixes in the FMGC.
  7. I have this problem with the previous version of the A318 and A319 (v The workaround I found is to manually reinsert the pax and cargo load figures into MCDU3 after initialising the loadsheet. MCDU3 works perfectly after that. For some reason it never affects the fuel load. Originally installed the 64-bit 318 and 318 on Windows 10 18xx build when v1.4.2.1 was released to the stable channel, then updated Windows in line with the usual Microsoft schedule to 1903.
  8. Is it possible to save in mid flight and load the scenario with the same panel state and MCDU settings? I am running P3D v4.3 with the A318/319 v1.2.3.1. No environmental addons other than FSXWX 161. I have UK2000's Heathrow and Gatwick airports installed. I have tried this with a savegame starting about 15nm E of EGKK at around 3,500ft. Using the default P3D savegame option ( the ; key), when I load the saved scenario the sim shows an error saying "there was a problem deserializing the panel state". If I load the saved scenario after another flight, the left MCDU goes blank (so no
  9. I apologise if this is off topic but is there a way to display the G value in the printout?
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