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  1. OK, I found out what caused this. The AFD file that comes with the scenery had a multitude of exclusion rectangles. As soon as I reviewed, corrected and removed all but one rectangle, the issue was gone.
  2. I have just bought the above product, but I see this on my FSX. (Please see attachments). Any ideas how to fix it ?
  3. So, money appears to have been found. Now what will be your actions as Aerosoft ?
  4. Mathijs, when a scenery addon is installed, its AFD file gets higher priority than stock one. The addon has got some files installed in the FS that lead FS to the addon and not to the stock airport. In other words, if the author doesn't care to correct the above issue, a developer only and not a user is capable to make it.
  5. OK, all understood, but, you have missed a detail. The runway designation number is "painted" within the scenery/textures folder/file by the authors. ADE (I am already a user of since years) cannot make seen the runway number change. I really can't find out where exactly runway is, to make the change. I changed the number in texture folder with DXTBMP program, but with no success.
  6. Hi, Is there any chance for the authors of the above scenery to update it, as in the real life the LGKR airport has got a runway designation change from 35/17 to 34/16 ? Thanks.
  7. I have just downloaded, installed & checked Larnaca X v1.10. Good work this time by Aerosoft team as for performance - thanks. However, AFCAD file for that scenery missed apron, taxiway and some runway lines. I fixed it using the corrected AFCAD of the previous installation. Thanks again.
  8. James, I carried out those checks and it seems that the issue was brought about by a lightmap (l.bmp) included in user plane textures. It was verified as incompatible by bmp2dxt3.bat (a DXT3 converter program). But, no matter that, during those tests I noticed and confirmed -three to four times- stutters lasting about 2 seconds in every phase of approach until landing at LCLK of Aerosoft. Believe me, it is very annoying. I know this is a known issue, but I believe that it MUST be sorted out by Aerosoft by means of an update. It can't be left as is now. If I had an alternative LCLK scenery, I would uninstall Larnaca X until fixed, but LCLK as it exists nowadays, is not included in FS9 stock sceneries. Thanks anyway James.
  9. Good evening, Soon after flying downwind of rwy 22, FS9 froze irreversibly. It was not a CTD, only FS9 froze. Other applications kept on working and I saw through the Task Manager that FS9.exe was consuming 587 MB of memory at the time (out of 3 GB I have got). The MS error technical report quoted fs9.exe and appcompat as involved files. Could that be ascribed to a scenery (LCLK X) issue ? winXP SP3 ATI HD4870 3GB RAM FS9.1 Thanks, Sotiris.
  10. Hi, I am IN too, for FS9 though... Sotiris.
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