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  1. Hello, Hoping someone can shed some light on what I can not find. I have been trying to download version of the configurator for P3D V5 and it acts like it is starting to do something then no actual download pops up. Even tried opening the link in its own window and nothing. Am wanting to install the Alpha and Bravo profiles for the PMDG 777 and need the newest version to work with the profiles posted but I only have 2.0.0. . I also do not have the PMDG settings toggle option in my version which is likely because it isn't the newest. I have made a few profiles for XP11 usin
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a profile for the iNiBuilds A300 for the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke. Meant to compliment my Honeycomb Bravo Profile for the same plane. Jason
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is my just finished Honeycomb Bravo profile for the iNiBuilds A300 for Xplane 11. I am also working on finishing up a profile for the Alpha that compliments this one for the Bravo. Be sure to download the Readme with it for details on what all the functions do and how to set XPlane 11 to work with it. Jason
  4. Was wondering if I missed a post somewhere or if it was pulled but I was that upadte of the A330 was supposed to be live at 1200 Zulu which is 0400 my time. In the planning stages of another flight and would like to get the update in before I do so to check improvements in aircraft handling. Also checked the updater and it shows no updates. Yes I have Experimental updates checked as I already installed the yesterday. Thanks, Jason
  5. My first flight was Tuesday where I took a real world flight that uses a 767 and subbed in the A330 flight number ACA1245 CYYZ-TNCM. This was done mainly as the approach and landing would have to be manual to test the handling of the plane. Flight went beautifully as long as I left the EFB alone. The EFB patch actually came out while I was mid flight. So was done post flight. Landing required finesse but was a good one. Center line in the TDZ and stopped just prior to the second from the last turn around. I use FlyTampa for my sceneries at both locations and the FPS was fluid and smooth 30+ F
  6. I did the same and uninstalled and re-installed all 3 Busses to the main P3D folder and the updater works as it should. Thanks for the info and knowledge for next time. Jason
  7. Following as All my Airbus Pro's including the new A330 don't seem to be updating. I run the updater for all 3 aircraft and it downloads extracts then closes the updater. Re-open and all 3 aircraft still show red and installed version is the same as previous to attempting to update. I run the updater as admin with no luck. Any help appreciated, Jason
  8. Also of note I have confirmed by uninstalling Mega Airport Heathrow Prof. that the second set of gates with the darker SODE portion of the jetway is using the default AFCAD which is also reflected in the simulator gate spawn choice being default as well. I know GSX will not spawn gates at an addon airport what already has SODE jetways in it. It just uses them instead. For some reason the install is not putting the info in for the sim and GSX to use. Jason
  9. So I have searched high and low on just about every support forum for all items used to see if there is anything to help. I have found nothing and have spent about all day trying to resolve this issue. The issue I am having is at Mega Airport Heathrow Professional. It is also installed with the most recent SODE jetway patch. I end up with multiple jetways at 1 gate when it should only have 1. See attached screen shot. I will add I am using ORBX Global Base, ORBX OpenLC Europe, EU England, and GSX level 1 & 2. I had a similar issue at Flightbeam studios KSFO HD and was able to c
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