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  1. Thanks Hoffie 3000, Shift + 4 comes a list of commands. I think I need another add-on to be able to hear this but I do not know which.
  2. It is the current version, purchased on December 7, 2018. Thanks
  3. Thanks you for your answer Excuse me, it's the first time I write in a forum. My simulator is FSX Stem edition and the add-on I am referring to is Aerosoft Airbus a318 / 319. All checklists are heard well. The sound does not let me change it in the MCDU2 MENU > OPTIONS > SOUNDS > VOLUME> GROUND CREW
  4. I need your help. I do not know how to do to listen to the ground crew when I'm in the push back. In options - sounds - volume is 0% and it is not possible to change it
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